Sunday, January 06, 2013

Why Are Christians So Gullible?


The Jews have an easy time brainwashing Christians and imparting post-hypnotic suggestions in their already deluded heads. The recipe for brainwashing is simple and effective. And Christians are ripe for the picking given that they so readily pretend that fantasy is reality and unquestioningly submit to authority without debate or independent thought.

Christians submit to fantasy. They are indoctrinated from birth to treat the absurd as if absolute truth. They are taught to refuse to question that which is obviously false on its face. They are taught to fear healthy doubt as if it were a temptation to evil. They are taught to reject reason as if it were the work of the devil.

Christians gather in large groups where they meet to communally pretend that their common delusions are reality. An unquestioned authority figure dictates beliefs to the group and no debate takes place, nor is doubt tolerated. This leaves a gap in their minds as wide as a church door for the Jews to fill with whatever nonsense they choose to make Christian dogma.

The authority figure uses the standard brainwashing technique of creating stress and imparting fear. The Christians are told that they are evil by nature and were cursed with an original sin. Christians are told that they will be further cursed if they do not submit to the will of the Jews and slavishly serve Jewry.

The authority excuses evil behavior by claiming that all are evil by nature, and offers to relieve the stress and fear generated by these proclamations by cleansing these sins through various means. The entire religion is founded on the unjust proposition that the scapegoat Jesus has taken the sins of Christians onto his own head if only they will believe in and obey him. Where is the justice in one man assuming the sins of another in exchange for making him a slave? What compensation does the victim of the sins receive? What punishment does the sinner receive?

Christianity appeals most strongly to those who are most evil and deranged by nature. They receive a pass for their evil acts and are told that they are normal and beloved because they are so vile. These people are eager to harm others and their aggressive nature facilitates their rise to the positions of authority over other Christians.

Christians are told to fear their minds, which are supposedly predisposed to evil, and instead rely sole upon authority to guide their thoughts and actions. Those who raise objections are called evil and immoral. They are treated as if a mortal threat to the immortal souls of the Christians. The mass of the group, which submits itself to the authority, takes precedence over the reason and rights of the individual.

The appearance of the Bible or cross, and the invocation of the name of Jesus or god, places the Christian in a trance in which he will accept shear nonsense as if salvation rendering wisdom. In this trance environment, post-hypnotic suggestions are made and stress relieving brainwashing takes place.

The Christian dupe is told that he is evil by nature and will die and be punished in hell forever. The Christian dupe is told that he will be cursed unless he submits to the will of the Jews at his own expense and dispenses murder and mayhem on those whom the Jew elects to attack. The Christian suffers mental pain and terrible unresolved stress.

The authority then instructs the Christian that he will be saved if and only if he unquestioningly accepts ancient Christian mythology as if fact, and obediently serves his Jewish master regardless of the contradictions between these mandates, serving the Jews always takes precedence. Christians are easily brainwashed and the Jews are doing it to them every day, in many ways.