Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Are Our White Brothers and Sisters Slaves in Europe?


Why do our European brethren live in fear of speaking the truth? Why are they disarmed? Why are their cities being invaded by hordes of Asians and Africans?

Why are Africans perpetual slaves in their own countries? Why is the wealth of Africa never used to better the lives of Africans?

Why are Asians slaving in sweat shops and starving in their streets? Why are the goods they produce filling foreign shelves?

The Jews are the World's misfortune and have always sought to enslave and genocide humanity. The World is suffering because we have a Mulatto Commander in Chief of the most powerful military force ever.

That same stored energy if it were captured in a White capacitor and unleased on the Jewish enemy in one swift lightening bolt would free us all. We need national freedom as well as individual freedom. We need international freedom, as well as national freedom. The Jewish tyrunts today enjoy international domination and it is this international power that they use most effectively to destroy your individual power.

When we take control of our American Government, we will discharge the electric force of our people on the Jews and wage war back against them. Then Whites will all be free to determine their own fate and to live in their own countries and to speak the truth.

Consider the fact that Great Britain is a nuclear power, and that the Jews pretend to live in fear of Muslims acquiring nuclear weapons. Yet the Jews are flooding Great Britain with Muslims. It is the Jews' method of gaining control over the weapons the Whites already possess and with which they can free themselves from the Jewish tyrunts.

Think bigger than small arms. Think about crushing the Jews with the full force of our military, which they are planning to use against us.