Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Why Chuck Hagel?


The Jews' puppet President Barack Obama nominated Chuck Hagel for a specific reason. He was told to do it, so that Netanyahu would have the leverage he needs to convince the Israeli public that the USA will not attack Iran, and, therefore, Netanyahu must do so.

Note that the personal attacks are generally directed at Hagel, and not Obama, though it is Obama who is Commander in Chief, and it is Obama who nominated Hagel. The Jews do not honestly question Obama's subservience to Israel. They instead are merely providing Netanyahu with the tools he needs to attack Iran, including bombs and Israeli public opinion favoring an Israeli attack.

Netanyahu believes he is Moshiach ben Joseph. The Cabalah tells him to attack Iran and it is OK by him and the Cabalah for him to manufacture from whole cloth any workable, if false, pretext for doing so. Long before the Mossad, the Cabalah instructed Jews to wage war by means of deception.

Netanyahu has the courage of his cowardly convictions, however deceitful and destructive they surely are. Why are you such cowards, that you will not act in defense of what is good and just?