Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why Did the Genocidal Jews Create the Global MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION System?


The political theater being staged around Chuck Hagel is quite revealing. It is meant to sway the Israeli elections in favor of religious Zionism, which demands the genocide of the Palestinians and an Israeli attack on Iran. . . and the World.

The big Jews want the Israelis to feel that the World has abandoned them. The big Jews want the Israelis to attack Iran and to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians. The big Jews are telling the Israelis that the Americans can no longer afford to fight more wars for the Jews, that Iran is a mortal threat to Israel and that the Israelis must address this threat themselves, hoping to draw in the Americans once hostilities are commenced.

The Americans are scheduled to leave Afghanistan and as I predicted the Jews are destabilizing Pakistan and leading Pakistan to war with India. This prevents Pakistani intervention in an Israeli war on Iran and aims their nuclear weapons at India, tying them up so that they won't be used elsewhere. It also provides a trigger for a nuclear WW III.

America is indeed running out of money to fight wars. This is by design. The wars the Jews have led us into were designed to destroy us. By design, this makes nuclear war an attractive option for America. It is cost effective, lots of bang for the buck. For decades now, I have been hearing Jews talk about dropping a nuclear bomb on Tehran. They want to do this and are creating World conditions which favor their attack.

The Jews created the atomic bomb in America. The Jews betrayed America and gave our atomic weapons secrets to their Jewish brethren in the Soviet Union. The Jews turned the WW II allies against each other and set us up to annihilate one another.

But this plan was not new. For centuries, the Jews published religious war propaganda in Western Nations and Islam claiming that the Czar was the anti-Christ and Al-Dajjal. At the same time, the Jews published war propaganda in Russia claiming that the Pope, Reformation leaders and the Caliphate were anti-Christ. Concurrently with all of this, the Jews published war propaganda in Islam claiming that the Pope, Reformation leaders and Czar were Al-Dajjal.

At least as early as the 1800's, agents of the Jews published works advocating the use of a new form of energy which would release so much destructive force that it would result in peace if equally distributed. Vril, the Power of the Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton is one such example. But the Jews never want peace, as Trotsky made clear.

So why are the Goyim of the most populated nations of the Earth all aiming nuclear weapons at each other for the purpose of destroying each other based on differences of opinion over philosophical abstractions? Why were the Jews aggressively creating a sense of hostility between these peoples for many centuries, hostilities which compel mutually assured destruction? Surely it is not so that there will be peace on Earth and good will towards man. Christian Zionists are not on their knees praying for a nuclear strike on Russia at the behest of the Jews in hopes of being raptured for the sake of peace. No, the Jews are driving them to war, nuclear war. It seems the Jews will soon have it, if we don't do something to preserve our lives and do it quickly.

The Jews have been planning this war to kill us all for 2,500 years. We have to figure out how to stop them in just a few short months. If you want to live, do something. I am hopeful that by demonstrating a political will to go to war against the Jews who are waging aggressive war on us, we can stop them from dragging down the World into a nuclear World War. We can do this very quickly, but I cannot do it by myself.