Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why Is Piers Morgan the Ringmaster of the Jews' Circus?


Piers Morgan was placed center stage in the Jews' charade attack on the Second Amendment, so that the Jews could scapegoat the British for their Jewish assault on American liberties. Jewish operatives in the Jewish controlled "alternative media" now will attempt to shift blame to the British Royals for the crimes of the Jews, as they have in the past.

More loudmouthed Jews will speak in favor of the Second Amendment, and many will be deluded into believing the Jews are divided on the issue, and not organized to accomplish tribal objectives. In fact, the Jews have always been happy to see Americans armed to the teeth. They hope you slaughter each other and destroy your own government, as did the Bolsheviks of Russia.

The Jews have your new Bolsheviks, the Christian Zionists, waiting in the wings to subvert any accomplishments Whites achieve in our struggle to free ourselves from the tight grasp of Jewry on our throats. This round, the call for gun control has been orchestrated to prompt you to arm yourselves and kill each other and destroy your nation, including your government.

It was not the British who wished this on you. It was and is the Jews. Don't allow the Jews to shift the blame, or dictate both sides of the debate.