Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why Live in Fear of Jewish Tyrunts? Brotherhood and Responsibility for Indigenous Demographic Groups in Europe


Europe has given us much of what we Americans have. It is time we give something back and it is in our self interests to do so. I suggest we build a BRIDGE to our kinfolk in Europe. They desperately need our help, and we need theirs.

The genocidal Jews have so Bolshevized Europe that our cousins are prisoners in their own lands. If they attempt to speak out on their own behalf and for the sake of their children, the Jews will attempt to jail them. If the indigenous peoples of Europe tell the truth about history, about the present and about the future, the Jewish tyrunts, and I do mean the runt and the litter of inhumanity, the Jewish tyrunts will sic the Internationalized Bolshevik State on them.

The loss of freedom, independence and sovereignty are the inevitable consequences of tolerating Jewish influence. But the situation is even worse. The Jews are deliberately genociding our blood relatives.

What can we do? For one thing, we can exercise our precious freedom of speech, that right we secured in our war against the Jewish bankers who have long dominated the British Government, to the detriment of the indigenous peoples of Great Britain and the World. We can demand that our brothers be set free. We can speak for them and announce their plight as a warning and a cause for us all. We can insist that our government provide sanctuary to those whose fundamental human rights the genocidal Jews are aggressively violating.

When we take control of the American Government and declare war on the Jews, we can join with our European brothers to imprison the Jews who have imprisoned them. We will then be able to provide the military backing they may need to deport immigrants who have changed the demographic nature of Europe, backing needed both within Europe, and around the globe.