Friday, January 18, 2013

You Cannot Win Until the Jews Lose


The jews want us to hate what we have so that they can sell us their shoddy wares. Since our Constitution recognizes our rights, and the jews are pledged to make us slaves, the jews try to convince us that our Constitution oppresses us. Since our borders and location make our nation highly defensible and fully capable of autarky, the jews send our industries overseas, try to convince us to balkanize ourselves, and flood our nation with immigrants unlike us, who rob us of our sense of identity and burden us in countless highly destructive ways.

The jews want us to reject our blessings in favor of their unnatural and destructive perversions. Like the serpent in the garden of Eden, they want us to fall and banish ourselves from paradise. And so the jews tempt us with evil and fill our heads with lies and hatred of ourselves, our natures, and blind us to the beauty around us which is our birthright and our paradise.

I cannot imagine a better country than America, if only we would let go of and destroy that which hinders us, rather than relinquish and ruin that which makes us great, which is what the jews would have us do. Our bloodlines include the most courageous, intelligent, tough, healthy, talented and inventive stock of Europe. Our territory is vast, scenic, productive and diverse. We are isolated by enormous stretches of ocean from our rivals. We have the most powerful military on earth. Our rights are enunciated in our Constitution. The land is rich in resources and fertile. We have immense sources of fresh water. All of this is already ours, but rather than enjoy it, the jews have us dissatisfied and hopeless, unable and unwilling to harvest the bounty that is before us.

It must appear to you that no matter what happens, the jews win and everyone else loses. If you vote democrat or republican, the jews win and no politician will challenge them. You are in the position of a slave on a plantation. The big house and the grounds are magnificent, but they are not yours, so their grandeur and beauty only mock you. You want to destroy them so that you can be free. A fruitful harvest only means more work for you with no reward. The jews have all the power and so can coopt or buy all that might otherwise benefit you, and they can shield themselves from any and all attacks, because none with something to lose dare challenge them.

Indeed, the jews must lose in order for you to win. But it is not necessary to claim everything at once.

The jews lose when they lose control over your thoughts. When you stop hating America, the jews lose and you win. When you start taking stock of all that is yours as an American and refuse to let the jews deny it to you, then you win and the jews lose. When you abandon your fear and embrace the truth and speak it, you win and the jews lose.

You must become a spotlight brightly shining on the jews as they scurry for cover and dive into tattered holes to hide. America is our blessing. The jews are our misfortune. Look at all you already have and claim it, and the jews will have lost. Tell others what is already theirs and who is the thief who would steal it. Look around you and know that we have the natural resources, land, talent and manpower to provide for ourselves all that we need and in abundance. Know that it is only the jew who stands between us and the prosperity which is already ours.

If we pluck this weed, and only if we pluck this weed, the garden will provide us with all that we could ever want and more. If we poison the soil to kill the weed, the soil will poison us and we will die.