Monday, January 14, 2013

You Have Your AR-15, Glock 9mm, 12 Ga. Riot Gun, Ammo and High Cap Mags, Now What Are You Going to Do?


My vision for saving America from the Jewish attack on our nation would be for my POWER PARTY to win over the American Government. We would immediately declare war on Jewry, aim America's nuclear arsenal at Israel, imprison the Jews as declared and active enemies of the Nation and detain them in POW camps, cancel all debts owed to Jews, seize all assets controlled by the Jews, and institute a massive government media campaign around the World to expose the Jews as declared and aggressive enemies of humanity.

That is a real expression of power. That is a war we can win and how to win it.

What is your vision for saving yourself, as you sit huddled over your field stripped AR-15 and run a patch through the shiny, tiny bore? You can group 5 rounds in under an inch at 100 yards. Who are you planning to shoot at? Where is the battle front, and who are the enemy?

Do you want America to become like Syria, Egypt and Iraq? Does this capture your image of an idealized America and how to fight a war against the Jews:

Rape 'being used as widespread weapon of war in Syrian conflict'

Note that the same Libertarians, Jews, supposed White Nationalists, and goldbugs, seize on every opportunity to provoke you into going off in violence out of frustration that you have no power to affect change in America, and call upon you to destroy your own country, rather than improve it. Never do they themselves take any action, other than to politically and peacefully increase their power, while telling you that no such thing can ever be done.

You pretend to yourself that you are prepared to defend your natural right to arms, relatively unimportant and largely--from a military standpoint--irrelevant civilian small arms, but nonetheless arms good enough for killing your defenseless neighbors and providing the Jews with a pretext for repression, which is engineered to spark more minor violence and in the Jews' hopes a revolution that will turn America into another Syria, another Bolshevik Russian cesspool. But what have you done to secure your rights to privacy, to due process of law, to equitable and loyal representation in government, to free speech, etc.? Why is it only minor perverse violence that captures your attention and tickles your tummy?

Your mind is a product of Jewish brainwashing. Your habits do nothing to combat the Jews, but instead prevent you from combating the Jews with the power of the State..

The Jews oppress you with the power of money and the power of opinion, and use them to control the State. You only increase the Jews' power when you oblige their instructions to destroy your own nation and prepare to murder your neighbors. Only with the power of the State can we defeat the Jews. And we have the most powerful State in the World to use as a weapon against Jewry.

Look through the twisted rifling of your little AR-15. Now consider the power of the nuclear arsenal of the USA. Which would you rather aim at the enemy nation of Israel?

Would you rather live in an America where the government serves you from coast to coast, where the cities are prosperous and the farms productive, where air, land and water are clean and healthy; or in the sewer of Soviet Americanas the Jews are prompting you to create? It is good that you own guns. They provide you with a means of self defense and increase your human dignity.

Now do something to own America. Do something productive rather than destructive. Do something to capture real power rather than illusory and self destructive power. Exercise your political power. Keep your political power sly and your political heads up.