Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Community of News Junkies and Gossiping Hens Will Not and Cannot Defeat the Jews


The jewish "alternative media" is mostly a news service, like Reuters, the Associated Press, etc. It mostly digests and disseminates news distributed by the jewish mass media, and spins it in a way in which persons opposed to jewish power serve jewish interests mistakenly believing they are fighting jewish interests.

The Ron Paul jewish libertarian debacle is one example of this. The misbegotten belief that Chuck Hagel is a friend of American interests is another.

Whenever an authentic opposition arises, one that goes beyond merely regurgitating the news with a pro-jewish spin masquerading as if an anti-jewish take on the news, one that establishes an anti-jewish power political apparatus, the jews tickle their gossiping hens and start up a soap opera of "in fighting" which is in nothing more than a jewish slight of hand trick to misdirect the interest of anti-jewish strategists from their work and support base. But when the jews have a dedicated interest in promoting a political candidate, like Ron Paul, then the name calling, gossiping and soap operas take a back seat to serious political action. Then the news junkies are told to take real world action. In this way, the jews miraculously turned the meek, weak and inane old psychopathic fool Ron Paul into an action hero capable of saving the World.

But the jews did not depend on this narrow community of do nothing news junkies and gossiping hens to accomplish anything other than bringing the jews' message to wider audience with their jewish propaganda. They used you as a megaphone, and for that purpose you are fit, given that you love to parrot the latest news and gossip. They did not use your money or your influence. They instead had big time jewish money men and jewish media which they could hide beyond your megaphone to make it appear that the bankers' man was a grass roots hero. And you obliged them.

The problem we face is getting around you parrots, gossipers and news junkies to reach serious people capable of actually doing something more meaningful than jibber jabber and whining. Can it be that the entire affluent and celebrity class of America has been so taken in by the jews that not single one of them will enter into the fight against the jews who are ruining us? If so, what is the mechanism the jews use to subvert every last member of this class, and how do we work around it?

I have spoken to many extremely wealthy and famous people who were quite knowledgeable about the genocidal crimes, evil designs and power of the jews. But not one of these many will join the fight against the jews in any meaningful way, not a one. We cannot accept this as an impasse, so what do we do?

I suspect there is at least a 50/50 chance that the jews will cause at least one nuclear device to be used in war in the coming year. We have no choice but to try to stop them, and yet you do nothing. I cannot understand your inhumanity. It is as if the jews have mesmerized the entire lot of human beings with a single meaningless slur "anti-Semite" and it covers you like a cement tomb that prevents you from taking any action.

Do not pretend to yourselves that gossiping and bitching about the news is a means of fighting back. There is no time left but to do something substantial right now. I have to reach a different audience, one that will take action, and I have to do it soon.