Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ahmadinejad Should Look to the East as well as the West. . . The Turks Are


In addition to courting Egyptian support, Ahmadinejad should look to the masses of Muslims in the East who far outnumber Arab Muslims. Arabs in general do not like nor trust Persians. The wealthy Arabs are mostly crypto-jews or Freemasons working for jewish interests.

Iranians would be well served to turn to the Muslims of Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, etc. as well as those in the Middle East. There are a 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide.

They should be warned that Israel is overtaking Jerusalem and intends to destroy the Dome of the Rock and build a jewish temple above the Wailing Wall. They should also be reminded that the jews poisoned the Prophet Muhammad and are wiping out Muslim nation after Muslim nation, deliberately generating chaos and extremism.

The Turks, instigated by jews, are looking to the East. They are going so far East as to stir the pot in China as part of the jewish manufactured myth of pan-Turkism. Northern Iran is in their sights and they wish to wet their beaks in Caspian oil. This will threaten Russian interests, as well as Chinese interests, and the jews have traditionally had an easy time pitting the Turks and Russians against each other.

If Iran is to survive, it must broaden its horizons, especially now that the jews are successfully transitioning Syria into a radical State of chaos on the path to partitioning it and creating air space clearances to attack Iran and coordinate with Turkey. Broader Turkish and Saudi influence in Syria means the eradication of Iranian influence and Shia influence in Syria and Lebanon. You had better look for allies in the East before time runs out.