Monday, February 25, 2013

Americanism Made Stronger


American citizens are vulnerable to the capitalist system because a number of mechanisms have been put in place to give abstractions force in law, which pretenses ought not to have. Corporations restrict the liability of criminals. Corporations generate loan capital in ways which enable criminals to gain control of the nation by means of money instead of work.

We can safeguard the interests of the majority in our society by eliminating corporations and treating the criminal actions of businesses as all other criminal offenses are treated. The State can provide loan capital to finance business, without making ownership a liability free stake in paper, and without providing a means for criminals to generate wealth by betting on the failure of American businesses. This does not necessitate either Fascism or Socialism, and can be done in an American way, which dates back to the prehistory of our nation.

We can safeguard our interests by empowering the citizenry to react to criminal behavior on all levels as it is entitled to do on an individual level. If a business is murdering the populace through poisons, the citizen enjoys a right to self defense which should be recognized in law. We should more often ask, what would a reasonable person do in response to a crime against his person, family or society, and leave it to a jury of his peers to render a decision on whether his actions were justified or not, than to rely solely upon the foresight of a corruptible legislature to determine in advance all the potential harms a business, person or group may commit. Criminals should not be entitled to harm us without personal recourse to justice. And the State should not bully the individual out of his right to take reasonable action in self defense.

Ex post facto restrictions should not apply where any party or parties has used undue and/or disproportionate influence to corrupt the legislature and/or public opinion so as to prevent justice or the well being of society. And we should not assume that the legislature even under the best of circumstances is able to anticipate all the ways in which criminals can harm us. We need to enact laws which will make it legal for us to act on our own behalf to defend ourselves where the legislature has failed to provide protections and remedies, or been corrupted to prevent them and shield criminal enterprises. We need a "Just Act Act" which will render it legal for a citizen or group of citizens to enforce just action where the government has not.

The alternative is usually supposed to be a recourse to dictatorship to save the people. "Dictator" is an ancient term which in ancient times did not necessarily bear the negative stigma it bears today in America. Dictators were often called upon in times of crisis to provide an efficient means of dealing with an emergency. But there are many dangers inherent in submitting to such centralized power.

The ego of a dictator often results in unnecessary war and overreaching infringements of the rights and dignity of individuals. It is easier and more efficient for an enemy to corrupt even a good willed dictator, than an entire society. Dictators are prone to madness and paranoia. Societies and individuals have a natural inclination to mimic dictators and so the national culture is reduced to a cult of the dictator rather than permitted to flourish and grow under the process of natural selection.

But, dictators can act efficiently and quickly to bring about needed changes and to conduct wars. If my fellow citizens fail to act immediately to wage war back against the jews with the POWER PARTY or something like it, then a dictator with jewish money behind him will emerge promising to save the day, and the masses will clamor for him to save them, as the jews' puppet dictators have emerged every time the jews have imploded a society from at least the days of Rome, onward.

I would rather empower White Americans to rule America as intended in our social contract, than a jew backed dictator. There are sound ways we can accomplish this goal, but we must act now. The pattern that has repeated itself over the millennia places a time pressure on us at this stage. The jews' next move is create chaos and then impose a dictator, followed by more chaos and then genocide.

The choice you face is obvious, death or freedom. If you choose not to act, then you have chosen death and your election will soon be honored. The jews are already poisoning your genes as you wait for someone else to save you. They have already opened the gates to an invasion of your enemies as you stall for time so that someone else will do something. But how many others do you see taking action to save you, rather than empower themselves and give the jews total control in one form or another?