Sunday, February 10, 2013

Applying the White "Prepper" Instinct to White Nations


Whites intuitively know that we need guns and butter to survive in this increasingly dangerous world. Whites are instinctively hoarding weapons and food, and are preparing shelters and water reserves.

Our ancestors have done the same from the beginning, but they followed their survival instincts to guide them on a national and international level as well as a personal level. If we bind together and apply the same principles to our governments that we apply to our families, then Whites can secure the entire World for ourselves and the rest of humanity.

The jews want to dupe Whites into doing to White nations what the jews have done to Arab nations. The jews want us to engage in revolts and civil wars which will lay waste to our countries and our peoples leaving them in ruins and chaos. Foremost among these subversive movements are the well funded Libertarians and Communitarians, followed behind by the throughly Federally and jewish infiltrated White Nationalists.

Rather seceding, revolting, surrendering or instigating civil strife, Whites should simply take control over what is already ours. We dominate the Northern Hemisphere and control almost all of the nuclear weapons in the World and almost all of the best and most productive farmland worldwide. The Muslims control the oil, but we drive the demand and consume it.

Russia can supply a great deal of Whites' energy needs. Whites can supply the food for the World. Food can do for White currency what oil has done.

So why is it that we are in perpetual war which is bankrupting Whites, when Whites own a virtual monopoly on nuclear weapons which render war obsolete? It is only because the jews hold Whites on a leash and sic us upon each other, as they have done for thousands of years. Break the chains and the world is ours.

With our virtual monopolies on food and nuclear weapons we can and should control all the currencies of the World and supply our own needs. Whites come first and we should never export food while one White suffers from hunger. We should stock pile food and then export the excess and insist that our food be traded in our currencies or for goods and services which benefit us. We should cease fighting wars, especially for the jews, for these are meant to destroy us as we destroy the jews' enemies.

It is good and natural that we Whites think like "preppers" but we must expand our White consciousness to embrace our global condition and needs, and apply our instincts accordingly. We should prepare for White survival forever, which means we must condition the World to serve our needs and provide for them. And we must forever prepare our national and international security needs with our weapons and our defenses. We must never allow demographics to capture our weapons and defenses in non-hands.

We must develop our preparatory political instincts and unite as Whites for our common defense. Rather than subvert our governments and societies we must strengthen them and make them more homogenous in ways which favor our interests. The National Socialists came to power by harnessing the White political preparation instinct. Whites killing Whites does us no good. We must instead solidify our political power and court our blood in Europe in Asia to support us as we support them.

Non-Whites have shown their true face and their desire to disenfranchise us. Now it is our turn to respond with like for like, and we must like our own as they do theirs. We must prepare politically so that we can safeguard our governments and our future. There are no greater arsenals nor food stores than in the White world. We need only claim them.