Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chuck Hagel Is Our Enemy. He Wants to Give All Our Nuclear Weapons to Israel.


The jews are playing the old Zionist / Bolshevist parlor game on the American People. The Republicans are pretending to be rabid Zionists but not rabid Bolshevists, and the Democrats are pretending to be rabid Bolshevists but not rabid Zionists. In reality both parties are rabid Zionists and Bolshevists and both want to destroy America and make the jews the rulers of the Earth from Jerusalem as the Old Testament instructs the jews to do.

Chuck Hagel and Barack Obama are the jews' puppets and Hagel is being used to manipulate Israeli politics and to help the jews impose their Boshevist / Zionist line on America by forcing the political debate to contain only these two issues and always to grant the jews' demands on these issues. Hagel polarizes politics with a prism that divides Americans for self destruction, while focusing the full force of the issues on the jews through a hidden lens that captures all of this energy.

The jews have only two means to win the Battle of Armageddon they insist on staging to exterminate the Goyim. The jews can either steal all the nuclear weapons of the Whites, or the jews can trigger the mutually assured destruction system they created so that Whites exterminate each other. Tiny Israel cannot win the Battle of Armageddon by any other means, unless they develop the biological agents they would need to kill us all and a means of delivering them.

The jews will use Hagel and Obama, as well as Putin, to force the reduction of nuclear weapons held by Whites. These weapons will go to Israel. Christian Zionists will demand that Israel receive nuclear weapons in order to guard the coming "House of the Lord" the new jewish temple. The jews have mourned the loss of their temple for 2,000 years and it is a major priority for jews, Freemason and Christian Zionists to build another temple to the devil. They will call on all jews, Christian Zionists and Freemasons worldwide to sponsor and participate in the transfer of Whites' nuclear weapons to Israel, covertly and overtly, to safeguard the new temple so that no new Antiochus or Caligula will ever again defile it, and so that no empire will ever again destroy it.

The jews will bring all the gold, silver and jewels in the World to this temple and decorate Jerusalem with them and make them the reserve for all currency on a fractional reserve basis. The jews will demand the ability to guard this new Fort Knox with nuclear weapons. Inevitably, the jews will attack the World and if the World resists they will destroy us with our own nuclear weapons. That is the Bolshevist plan.

The Zionist yang to the Bolshevist yin is to instigate World War III and have Whites eradicate each other. The jews have the coin in the air, and it is heads the jews win and tails Whites lose.

Chuck Hagel and Barack Obama are dedicated to making Israel a nuclear superpower while disarming Whites. They are not defending America against Israel, they are arming Israel against America. This is why the jews in the "alternative media" want to make a hero of horrible Hagel, because for them he is.