Sunday, February 03, 2013

Current Examples of the Mortal Dangers of the Plutocracy of Jewish Tyrunts


A couple of years ago I warned of the dangers of allowing the jews to destroy our rights and our lives through the use of money and credit. I explained that in the name of "freedom" the jews could starve us to death with GMO's and "competing currencies". My arguments gain currency with the latest attempts by wealthy jewish mayors to curtail our rights by the coercion of markets and money:

Goldbuggery Blues: The Reasons Why the Government Cannot Allow Competing Currencies, December 21, 2010

How GMO Organisms in Tandem With "Competing Currencies" Can Kill You, January 06, 2011

Compare what I said then with regard to food to the attack the jewish plutocrats are making against our gun rights:

The Big Cities' Financial War on Guns May Backfire

Though the jews usually deny that they use their purchasing power and money manipulation to rule over the Goyim, we see a modern instance of it in their proposals. The jews have always used the power of credit and collusive manipulation of access to markets to strangle the rights of Gentiles. The jews can control entire nations and instigate and determine the winners and loser of wars on this basis alone.

The jewish Libertarians are working to increase the power of the tribal jewish Plutocracy. I think we need to expose the jews' disproportionate wealth as a means of awakening our people. This tactic has often worked in the past to inspire the masses to counter-attack the aggressive and oppressive jews.

The jews can subvert our rights with the power of the pocketbook, by employing the same rights meant to protect us from the likes of the tribal jews. They also have the power to selectively enforce laws against the collective and selective use of credit and markets by coalitions, never prosecuting their own, while preventing Gentiles from working together to defend their own interests against the encroachments of the collusive jews.

Jews cannot be permitted in free societies because they are hostile to all Gentiles and unite to destroy them, while using their collective power to prevent the Gentiles from defending themselves, or even competing. We cannot tolerate a genocidal enemy in our midst, and we must take away their wealth as they utilize it as a weapon of genocidal war.

It is often said that a man will forgive you for anything, except cheating him out of money. We can generate an awareness of the jewish problem by exposing the jews' wealth in stark contrast to the increasing poverty of the masses. This is a tried and proven method of defeating the jews. It is also very effective to expose the jews as Christ killers and the poisoners of the Prophet Muhammad. Why not do what we know works, instead of simply exposing the jews' media and political power? We should use every legal means at our disposal to depose the enemy, those crafty, rich jewish tyrunts who are deliberately ruining our lives and our nation.

This is not a matter of class warfare, as the jews would have us believe. It is in fact a matter of tribal warfare, the jews against all others. Simply ask people, why are the jews so rich as everyone else is sliding into a depression? Then point out the jews' power in media, finance and politics as the resolution to the dilemma you have created in the minds of your audience. Ask Christians why Jesus and the apostles hated and feared the jews, then tell them why. Ask Muslims why the jews poisoned the Prophet Muhammad, and then listen as they explain the answer to you in detail!