Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do Not Use the Palestinians' Plight as an Excuse to Refuse White Supremacy


The jews do not want Whites to assert their superiority or to feel good about themselves or their history. The jews employ situational ethics and will attempt to claim all sides of every issue as their own. If you assert White superiority, the jews will claim to be victims of your greatness and throw the holocaust they engineered and lie about in your face. If you criticize the jews' genocidal attack on the Palestinians, they will defend their supremacist beliefs and actions by pointing out the White genocides of American Indians and African Blacks, and again will throw the myths of the jewish holocaust in your face.

Do not let the jews control your thoughts, actions or self definitions. The Palestinians' cause was lost in 1948. They can only be restored to their land by the annihilation of the jews of Israel and this will only occur if Whites claim supremacy over their fate and deem it just for their land to be restored to them. Palestinians are not supreme over their land and what we should learn from their plight is the need for us to be supreme, not the surrender of our natural power.

There is no moral or other equivalency between White Supremacism and jewish supremacism. But there is a highly dangerous equivalency between judaist supremacism and Christian supremacism, both of which seek to destroy the Earth and create a World government ruled by jews and jewish law. Christianity is White defeatism. We will have to tolerate our Christian blood brothers and sisters, but should not muzzle ourselves or our criticisms of their jewish beliefs. The most accessible statement of jewish supremacism is the jewish Old Testament and it is our best weapon to defeat the jews and demonstrate their supremacist plan to genocide the superior White race. It is not the word of any god, let alone any White god. White Gods generally have the natural dignity of bodies and brains and White faces. They are not a mythology of consciousness as if fart spirits in an otherwordly wind of supernatural light. They instead declare the supremacy of Whites in flesh and mind, and White Gods defend, not destroy, White Nations.