Monday, February 25, 2013

Everything Put on Hold as Netanyahu Forms His Government


Notice how quiet the press has become recently regarding Israel, Syria and Iran, and the comparatively mild tone it has adopted when addressing these issues. Netanyahu needs breathing room to create his government. The jews want to take the international pressure off of Israel during this process.

Netanyahu would prefer to establish his coalition before jewish puppet Barack Obama travels to Israel. Netanyahu will then be able to address Obama on behalf of the nation of Israel, rather than on behalf of himself, and he will know exactly where he stands with respect to his coalition, and will be freer to assert his power without the hindrance of appeasing one group or the other.

It is much easier now for Netanyahu to make his deals without an international spotlight on Israel or the Middle East. He wants a calm situation where he can coax his co-conspirators in a more relaxed and stable environment to empower him over the fate of the jewish state.

Once he ascends the throne, then Netanyahu will withdraw his sword from its sheath and slash away at the World. At present, he is coyly biding his time like a vampire waiting in his coffin for night to fall.

Note that virtually the entire international press corp and the governments of the World are at Netanyahu's disposal and oblige his whims and needs. It is truly amazing and horrifically tragic. Iran has made several pronouncements which will later be treated as provocative, but are no now being largely ignored to give Netanyahu time and the right environment to form his war coalition.