Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hyper-Risk Aversion is Risky: A COMEDY OF TERRORS

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


Chester Whitey sat uncomfortably in the cheap seats. He himself chose to sit in the middle seat, so that someone else might enjoy the window seat and the aisle seat. He did not want anyone to think that he was selfish.

Mr. Whitey did not recline his seat, though the obnoxious little East Indian girl sitting in front of did and she bounced back against it repeatedly battering his knees. But he did not speak up because he was afraid he might offend someone or be accused of racism.

The obese Mexican woman sitting next him in the window seat also took up a third of his space, but he did not object and carefully crunched up his arms to afford his neighbors as much extra space as he could. The snoring Black man on the aisle snored loudly into Chester's ear as he banged his head on Chester's shoulder as if softening up a pillow. Chester thought for moment to politely ask the man to move his head, but then rejected the thought out of fear of a confrontation. Chester was terribly annoyed but did nothing about it.

Three jews sat behind Chester and constantly whined and argued about who should get the window seat. They complained constantly to the stewardess about everything from the food, to the movie, to the size of the seats, to color of the blankets, etc.

Suddenly the horrible sound of shearing metal tore through the airplane. Both wings mysteriously sheared off the plane and it began a sharp descent. The stewardess ran to all the jews on the plane and issued them parachutes. No one complained for fear of appearing anti-semitic. Chester asked for help unbuckling his seat belt, which was stuck closed. The stewardess told him to shut up and read the buckle.

It said, "Warning! In the event of a crash, remain in your seats, do nothing, shut up and keep your seat belt fastened! Schlomo's Buckle & Matzah Ball Co. assumes no liability or risk for your use of its shoddy seat belts! Enjoy the ride, Goy!"

His face white as a ghost, Chester finally managed to unbuckle the seat belt and jumped over the still sleeping Black man next to him. In a panic, he ran to the hooknosed stewardess in hopes of asking for and receiving a parachute. Before he took one step, the jew from the seats behind him stood up with an indemnity contract and a pen. "Hey, you can't get up without signing this and waiving all your rights!" Beneath the carbon paper was a confession that Whites were behind all wars, that the Pope ruled the world, and that Chester was a Vatican assassin who had blown up the airplane.

Visibly confused, Chester grabbed the pen and hurriedly signed the contract then handed them back to the jew. As he ran passed to reach the stewardess, the jew stabbed him in the back with the pen. Then the jew pushed him aside and all the jews jumped out the emergency exit.

The stewardess tossed back one faulty parachute as she saluted the damned and jumped out the plane. The Whites, Blacks, Mexicans and Asians fought each other to take it and they were still fighting as the plane crashed.

Chester Whitey's last thought as the mountainside pushed his face through his skull was, "I should have done something sooner!"