Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Told You the jews Would Approve Hagel's Nomination

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


The curtain has come down on the groveling Goy puppet show and the Senate has approved Chuck Hagel's nomination as I always said they would. Why? Because he is theirs. They own him lock, stock and barrel.

Some jews will pretend they have lost, but the vote tally proves the jews wanted Hagel and wanted him badly. Hagel has already given the jews priceless goods. He has shown the only way to succeed is to suck, hard and long on the jews' bagel. Now Hagel will run and fetch and spend every moment proving how devoted he is to his masters, how great Israel is and how evil old Iran is. Hagel has placed Iran and Israel at the top of the news and made them a common discussion. Hagel helped lunatics in Israel win elections. Now Hagel will help Netanyahu form a war coalition.

But the most dangerous thing about Hagel is what his appointment proves about the jews' plans for America. Hagel wants to disarm our nuclear arsenal. Just as when the jews collapsed the Soviet Union the jews created, nuclear materials and weapons went missing, so to will our bombs and plutonium disappear, not into MOX fuel or storage facilities, but into the nuclear arsenals of Israel and China.

The jews won and won big with Hagel. Their win is a horrific loss for America, perhaps even a fatal blow. Mark my words!