Monday, February 25, 2013

If Yair Lapid Is a Secular Moderate, Then So Was Joshua


Palestinians, now is the time to be heard. Do not let Netanyahu hide in the shadows from World public opinion as he negotiates a new government that will genocide you. Do not allow Israel to hide from its election nightmare. Do not let the jews pretend that the lunatic Yair Lapid, whom the jews misrepresent as if a secular moderate, represents anything other than ancient jewish religious bloodlust and the theft of indigenous territory as if by divine right.

Consider what the supposed centrist has said, as documented here, especially point 6 which is an overt statement of jewish messianic religious zionism:

Lapid's platform: No compromise over Jerusalem, no settlement freeze

If this is what the jews call moderate and secular, then there is no hope for the Palestinians. Today's Israel is Kahane's Israel. The mask has come off, as have the wheels. The jews have always intended to steal all of Palestine and their goal is almost met. That is one of the reasons why the jews created the pseudo-religion of judaism to fulfill the requirements for the theft of land by means of the mythical decree of Cyrus.

The metaphysics of judaism amount to little more than devil worship and black magic. There is no real religion to it. Secular jews are just supremacists out to rule the World from Jerusalem, the same is true of religious jews. There is no meaningful difference.

But the genocide of the Palestinians is but one of the their goals. They also want to destroy every nation and genocide every people. Are you willing to do anything to stop them, or are you as defeated as the Palestinians?