Thursday, February 07, 2013

Is a Civil War Brewing in Iran?


The jews have a great deal invested in Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khamenei. After the coming elections in June, Ahmadenijad will no longer be President of Iran.

The jews need a suitable bogey man to serve as a pretext for their illegal aggression against Iran. They are testing the waters to see if the crypto-jew Khamenei can do for them what the crypto-jew Ahmadenijad has done so well, namely provide a scapegoat for the jews' desire to nuke Iran.

Another option the jews are experimenting with is instigating a civil war in Iran. The old gangrene revolution was meant to be defeated and to reinforce Ahmadinejad's power. A new revolution or civil war could cement his leadership beyond June. It could also serve as a pretext for jingoistic alarm calls that a worse regime may gain control of Iran's nuclear program. It could provide a means to weaken Iran in preparation for a joint Israeli, Turkish and Saudi attack on the nation and enable them to funnel in a fifth column of "jihadists" serving the jews to wreak havoc on the nation from within, so that the jews will have an even easier time attacking it from abroad.

The jews are chomping at the bit to get something going before the June elections. It seems that they have a shotgun in hand and hope that at least one pellet will hit the head and another the heart of Iran.