Saturday, February 02, 2013

Israel Is Clearing Its Flight Paths


I believe Israel is about to attempt to takeout Syria's Assad directly, either bombing him from the air, or with an assassin. I suspect the former. I suspect the jews' fifth column in America and in Turkey have signed off on this plan and given their full approval and support.

Israel chose its targets carefully in its recent strike on Syria. The jews want to clear their flight paths and cannot afford to lose any of their military aircraft. They want to be able to bomb Beirut, Aleppo, Damascus and Tehran with impunity.

Israel cannot do to Iran what it had America do to Iraq. It does not have the navy it would need, nor the airforce. But with Turkey's support, and then NATO and the USA, it could annihilate Iran.

Nuclear bombs would be easiest, but I suspect there is growing resistence to the jews' plans to nuke Iran and to nuke the USA with a false flag attack on us. They may yet try this, but I suspect it becomes less likely as they build up support in America and Turkey and concurrently weaken Syria. But do not misunderstand me, the danger is still there and we must keep up the pressure, which is why I am expressing some optimism, to encourage you to work harder not to fall into complacency.

If the jews succeed in igniting a nuclear war between Pakistan and India, then all bets are off. Iran has very limited means to strike back at Israel. The Saudi leaders are crypto-jews. Turkey will help guard Israel and the skies over Iraq and Syria.

Israel can hurt Iran but not destroy it. They must know they have the absolute ability to bring in the US and Turkey once the conflict begins. It cannot be their objective to merely destroy Iran's airforce and bomb its nuclear facilities.

They are luring in the Turks with the promise of pan-Turkey which is interrupted by Iran. If Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan take over northern Iran, pan-Turkey will be complete. That is the bait for those Turks not already in bed with the jews.

If the jews can force Iran to counter-attack, then the Saudis will join in the fight and Israel will have multiple flight paths to hit Iran. Jordan will follow suit with whatever the Saudis do.

The combined forces of Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia could make quick work of Iran, even without American or NATO support. Saudi Arabia will use the gulf as a pretext to strike, and Turkey will need no excuse. Turks do as the army asks.

Had Netanyahu won a mandate, things would be even worse than they are. Keep up the pressure. Public opinion counts for alot.