Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jewish Libertarian Agents Provocateur


The jewish libertarians have supplemented their povocateuring for a self-destructive revolution in America, with recent attempts to incite assassinations and other acts of violence, including no less heinous murders than Cobalt-60 dirty bomb attacks on Americans.

The jewish libertarians made all kinds of wild and false claims regarding Sandy Hook to try to stir up a revolution and incite murders. They married legitimate concerns about the events to their asinine and implausible conjectures. They lied about the President's actions and Congressional legislation all to create an atmosphere of panic so as to provoke some sucker into committing a counter-productive act of violence.

Now the jewish libertarians are misrepresenting what occurred with the mass murderer Dorner in order to romanticize murder and assassination and to provoke more such acts of murder. Know these psychopathic jewish libertarians. Not only do they have no regard for human life, they intend to kill off all non-jews.

They are not trying to provoke a revolution to free you. They are trying to provoke a revolution to enslave you. They are Bolsheviks and want you to help them tear down and destroy your nation.

We need political action NOW! The mere hint that the political will exists in America to fight back against the murderous jews will win us the time we need to defeat the jews.

Note that these rabid rodents, these jewish agents provocateur never take any real world action themselves. They just foam at the mouth in the hopes of infecting some sick mind to murder someone else.

Note their lack of success to this point and know that the American People do not want violence. The American People want leadership and direction. They need political representation, not jewish nihilistic violence.