Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Jewish Libertarian Hippies: Like Minds Produce Like Thoughts

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


One of the fundamental principles of science states that the same conditions produce the same results. On this basis, experiments can be reproduced and verified or falsified as the case may be.

There is big jewish money behind the libertarian movement. The jews are attempting to dupe Americans into giving up our blessings and destroying ourselves. Though no one on Earth has it better than us, the libertarians want us to believe that our nation MUST die and CANNOT be cured of the diseases that they themselves would spread among us.

The loudest voice crying for revolution, retreat, balkanization, nihilism, anarchism, defeatism, communism, rebellion and pure self-destruction are the libertarian jews, and they are well paid by their jewish banker backers and creators to do so. The jewish libertarians are instigating a new hippie movement in America. This new movement is being created by the same minds that produced the old movement, the communist jews.

The jewish libertarians want to legalize illegal addictive drugs, like their jewish hippie forefathers. Crack and meth and the new drugs the jews are this day developing can and will rot out White communities with lightening speed, pun intended. "Free markets" cannot and will not save us from this biological attack on our existence. The stronger a man's will, the stronger are the effects of addiction.

The jewish libertarians want us to tune in, turn on and drop out into their hippie communities. They want Whites to surrender their intellectual advantages and natural inclination to produce the highest forms of science, art and philosophy, to collectively waste their culture stepping back into the dark ages of share cropper farms, plantations with jewish overlords. The jewish libertarians want Whites to become the new cotton pickers, the new primitive nose and ass picking morons of the Third World. They paint a romantic vision of Whites segregated on jewish run plantations as if this were a means for Whites to compete with highly industrialized and militarized nations. How well have the American Indians fared on their reservations, that we should emulate their plight?

Like their hippie forefathers who led the civil rights and anti-war movements, the jewish libertarians are anti-American military might and anti-American soldier and opposes Whites viewing themselves as a collective with collective means and collective rights. Politics are paramount for the libertarians when it comes to supporting their jewish puppets including the poisonous Pauls, but they aggressively attack any other political movement and sponsor defeatism in its ranks and discourage voting for all but their own in gross acts of hypocrisy which are highly subversive.

America is not dead. We should not give up one inch of our territory or in any sense surrender our sovereignty or attack ourselves. What we need to do is fight for our nation, not fight against it!

Beware these subversive libertarians. They are bathing in jewish banker money and want you bathing in your blood at your brother's hands.

Like their hippie ancestors, the jewish libertarians preach "voluntaryism" while trying to tear my nation apart against my will. They are spending jewish banker money to build up an anti-American collective so as to forcefully impose their will on me and violently destroy my nation. Everything about them is jewish. They are psychopaths and promote the mental disease. They are goldbugs and promote the deadly subversion. They are illegal drug pushers. They are anarchists who want jewish money to rule mankind. They are vile and deadly, they are jews. We should shun them and expose these nihilistic jewish libertarians as the rabid disease spreading rats that they are.

Jewish minds created communism and libertarianism and the communities both produce are the same. Both jewish libertarianism and jewish communism aggressively try to undermine society, force Gentiles into primitive living, rot the family, destroy the government, destroy the military and make Whites easy targets for non-Whites to genocide at the behest of the jews.

If you follow the jewish libertarians, create a war between American Whites and the American Government, retreat to White reservations and surrender all the blessings of America to non-Whites, including our nuclear weapons, how long do you think it will be before the jews pit non-Whites against you, arm them with the weapons you have fought to give up, and erase you forever from the book of life?

Fight for America, not against us! America is our blessing, not our enemy!

Fight the jews. They are our enemy and our nation is our best means of ridding the world of the jewish problem.