Friday, February 01, 2013



The jews have created a system of mutually assured destruction, whereby, at the time of its inception, almost wholly White nations targeted each other with nuclear bombs placing us in perpetual war with each other and separating us from guaranteed death, assured extinction, by the mere whims of the jews who control the leadership of these nations. This same accumulation of nuclear weaponry can be put to humanitarian use to ensure the preservation of the White race for as long as human life is possible on our planet.

The jews have repeatedly turned Whites against themselves. In modern times, the jews created the Protestants and pitted them against the Catholics, after having pitted the Catholics against all indigenous religions in Europe. The jews created the Kulturkampf in Germany. They repeatedly pitted the French against the Germans. The jews made allies of the English, America's repeated enemy, to have Americans attack the Germans, our natural allies. Then, the jews turned the Russians--America's allies in the Civil War, WW I and WW II--against America, and America against Russia. The jews had been pitting Western Europe against Russia for centuries and spread all kinds of genocidal propaganda against Russia accusing the Czar of being the anti-Christ. This process continues.

But what would happen if we Whites today reject the jews' war on us, refuse to target each other with death, and instead agree to defend each others interests, rather than guaranteeing each others demise? What if we use our near monopoly on nuclear weapons to destroy the jewish enemy and free the world from the jews? What if we use our advantages to our advantage to secure North America, Russia, Europe and Australia as White territories?

We should never feel guilty that we have an edge and we should never surrender our advantages. Nor should we take advantage of it to perform immoral acts. But we Whites are honored by nature to be humane. The jews have used this against us, but if we depose them we can put our beautiful natures to work to secure our interests around the world, and make us loved as we Whites were before America changed its color tone to brown. White America was a beacon of light to the world, before the jews made a false flag attack on the World Trade Center and used this as a pretext to attack humanity and destroy America through unwinable perpetual wars.

But our past is proof of the possibilities of our future. Whites can again become the beloved guides of humanity, if we act according to our natures. In addition to our innate humanitarian spirit, Nature has provided us with a will to survive and a will to defeat our enemies.

If we claim what is already ours, our White flesh, our White territory and our White weaponry, and direct these to our mutual benefit, we Whites will be in a glorious position of MUTUALLY ASSURED PRESERVATION! There is no need of poverty, war or civil strife. We have the people, land, water and air that we need to provide all we could possibly want. It is only the jews which prevent us from utilizing what we already have to provide what we need and want. So let's get rid of the jews and their influence as we instinctively would any other aggressive enemy, and assure the mutual survival of the White Peoples of the Earth.

Stop lamenting the fact that Whites own vast territory and comprise the largest pool of human genius and weaponry, and let us put them to use for our interests and preservation. Let us do it now, this very instant, by your reading this plea and understanding that it signifies the continuation of our People for you to agree to it, and so do agree. Now help me to force the White governments to implement what we White People have already resolved.