Monday, February 11, 2013

Netanyahu Is Prodding Hezbollah. . . Islam and Christianity


Bibi has given the green light to the further illegal encroachment of jews into the West Bank. This is the latest attack in a series of provocations which are in no small measure meant to incite Hezbollah.

Netanyahu is planning to attack Iran. One of the contingencies involved in the planning of the jewish attack on Iran is the response of Hezbollah in Lebanon. The jews also very much want to destabilize Lebanon and provide a pretext for a new round of jewish aggression against the sovereign nation.

Hezbollah is one of very few groups of Muslims which has ever reacted to jewish territorial expansion. In its infancy, modern Zionism was extremely careful to disavow any designs on making Jerusalem a jewish capital. The jews feared that Christians and Muslims, who have laid claim to the city, would oppose the Zionist scheme with force if ever the jews made clear their intentions to capture the city and its surroundings as their national territory.

The jews now feel confident that neither Christians nor Muslims will mass against them as they steal this land and establish the seat of their world government in Jerusalem, as they have planned to do for 2,500 years. Christians and Muslims are pledged to rise up against this manifestation of the anti-Christ / al-Dajjal, but have shown little resistence to the jews' plans and actions.

It is interesting to note that the Pope is stepping down just as the jews are about to overtake Jerusalem in its entirety and begin the "end times" of jewish mythology.

Christians and Muslims have effectively surrendered their age old claim on the city of Jerusalem. The hundreds of millions of Eastern Muslims have done absolutely nothing as Muslim nation after nation has been destroyed in the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan soon to be Pakistan. Muslims will do nothing as the jews take all of Jerusalem and destroy the Dome of the Rock to erect a temple to the devil. Christians will do nothing but lend their support.

Netanyahu is prodding these groups to condition them to being whipped and herded. But it would be in Israel's best interest to take down Hezbollah and destabilize Lebanon before bombing Iran. The Shia are evidently the only Muslims who seem to care that Israel is destroying Muslim nation after nation and is on the verge of taking all of Jerusalem, care enough to fight, that is. And Israel is doing all it can to provoke the Shia into fighting now, so that Israel will face little to no retaliation when it hits Iran and destroys the Dome of the Rock.

If Israel can destroy Hezbollah, Iran will have very limited options to strike back at Israel. If Israel fails to destroy Hezbollah, it can modify its plans of attack on Iran. Either way, it is better for Israel to secure its immediate borders before attacking Iran.

Netanyahu wants it to be crystal clear that there never has been a "peace process" and that the Palestinians have no hope to retain any of their land. He wants to force Hezbollah and the Palestinians into a sense of desperation that they had better fight now because their position will only grow weaker by the day. So he prods them and kicks them, and spits on them, hoping to start a fight so that Israel can pretend to be the victim of Muslim aggression.

The jewish media is making much of Obama's planned visit to Israel. Netanyahu is on track knocking down dominoes. For decades, the man has openly stated that he would destroy the Muslim nations which now lay in ruins. Obama's visit will help him lay waste to a few more. The dog is going to lay at the feet of his master.

The notion that Obama is going to Israel to tell Netanyahu not to attack Iran and to make peace with the Palestinians is patent nonsense on its face. If Obama had the power to tell Netanyahu what to do, then he would not travel to Israel to make use of it. He would force Netanyahu to come crawling to him, rather than traveling to Netanyahu's home turf.

The Palestinians know all this. Their only fighting ally has been Hezbollah. Netanyahu wants a confrontation with Hezbollah sometime soon.