Sunday, February 10, 2013

Obama and Hagel Want to Reduce America's Nuclear Arsenal, But Where Will the Plutonium Go?


The jews' puppet Obama wants to reduce the number of nuclear weapons held in our nuclear arsenal. What will become of these weapons and the nuclear materials they contain?

Obama does not want the plutonium to be used in MOX fuels, and given what has occurred in Japan, there is good reason not to use it as nuclear fuel. So where will it go and how will it be accounted for?

I suspect the jews want to send our plutonium and weapons to Israel. I remember that there was talk many times over many years of moving all nuclear weapons to Israel and making it the center of International Government which the jews have sought for at least 2,500 years.

Another option the jews may be exploring is using the materials and weapons to construct a doomsday device designed to take out America, and/or American cities. It would be easy to place these bombs in silos near cities where they could be launched and detonated in a matter of seconds with no means of defending against them. The World would be told the Chinese or Russians launched a preemptive strike on us and America would be gone forever.

All it would take for Obama to initiate martial law and become a dictator would be for one nuclear bomb to detonate in America, no matter the ultimate source.

We live in dangerous times. It is insane to allow the jews to run our government and control our military. We have to stop them before they disarm all Whites while arming themselves and the Asians. The UK is approaching the tipping point where it will become an Asian nation in terms of its population. The same could happen to America at a much accelerated pace if the jews succeed in disenfranchising Whites, because the immigrant voters will vote in politicians who will allow in hundreds of millions of Asians.

But if we turn the tables on the jews, a feast awaits us. If Whites in America take control of our nuclear arsenal and form an alliance with Russia, the UK and Russia and deport non-White immigrants from these White territories, we will have a virtual monopoly on nuclear force. The jews have so thoroughly destabilized the Middle East that it poses no threat to us. The jews have pitted Pakistan and India against each other, the Chinese against themselves, the Koreans against themselves and the Chinese against the Japanese. Africa and South America are sparsely populated and militarily weak.

If the White nations agree to protect each other, rather than threaten to annihilate each other, we secure the future of Whites for the foreseeable future, and we can completely solve the jewish problem. We must act now to secure the nuclear weapons in White hands and protect and reestablish the demographic integrity of White nations.

The jewish "alternative media" continue to push Hagel on us as if some kind of a savior, because the jews want to disarm Whites and make us easy prey for Asians and the jews standing behind them.