Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Poisoning the Well of the Nuclear Fortress of America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


If we had a White government in power which defended our interests, our nuclear arsenal would make us virtually invincible. We could then use it to ensure that no nation developed the means to take dull this edge or render it obsolete.

Because of our nuclear weapons, the jews have a difficult time provoking any nation to attack our shores, even with terrorism. That is why the jews use our own FBI to manufacture pseudo-attacks against us, as well as jewish libertarian and jewish White Nationalist agents provocateur to incite attacks. No nation is crazy enough to try to invade us at this point–other than the genocidal jews.

The jews feverishly work to maintain absolute control over our government and our media because they are waging full scale genocidal war on us, and must prevent us from ever fighting back. If the pendulum swings back against them, the American People will come to realize that it would be just to wipe them out.

So how do the jews wage war against our nuclear superpower which could at any time erase jewish life from the World?

The jews can kill us all if they can trigger the mutually assured destruction system they engineered, so the jews are aggressively trying to manufacture a nuclear WW III. Not all jews and not all the jews' agents tolerate this madness, but it is the core goal of judaism. Mossad is actively trying to provoke nuclear war in Korea, Pakistan, India, China, Russia and the USA.

WW III proper has been raging for quite some time, and one of the jews' objectives is to ruin America by weakening us through perpetual war and the toll it takes on our minds and our pocketbooks. The jews are also using this war to turn the World against America and to destroy Americans' healthy self image and sense of itself as a people of honor and decency worth saving.

The jews are using several approaches to destroy the USA from within and without. The jews also seek to destroy us by stealing our nuclear weapons, thereby disarming us while transporting these weapons to Israel and/or China. This is one of the reasons why the jews want Chuck Hagel to succeed. This is also one of the reasons why the jews are pushing the Chinese to build more nuclear facilities so as to facilitate a massive expansion of their nuclear weapons program.

The jews want to rot us out from within our nuclear fortress. They have been destroying us as best they can ever since the close of WW II and especially since the rise of Israel. The jews are poisoning our soil, air, water and food. They are poisoning our minds with self hatred, blind materialism, genocidal hatred of Muslims and Russians, pornography, etc. They are stripping away our Constitutional protections and running us into insane debts. The jews are ridiculing our Founding Fathers and turning us against our government and trying to generate a hatred of government in our People. They are trying to destroy our sense of ourselves. They are deliberately ruining our economy. The jews are radicalizing our youth and indoctrinating them with jewish revolutionary dogma of all types. The jews are destroying our education system and discouraging our youth from becoming educated and competitive. The jews moved the Blacks and Mexicans from the rural South and Mexico into our inner cities while subverting our economy again and again, thereby ensuring the destruction of our industrial base and causing Whites to eventually and inevitably become a disenfranchised minority.

So we see that since the jews cannot at this time simply pay off a nation to attack our shores, as they have done to so many nations in the past. They instead attack us in three general ways. (1) The jews are trying to instigate a nuclear Third World War. (2) The jews are trying to disarm us of our nuclear arsenal and seize control of these weapons to use them against us. (3) The jews are slaughtering us in our own borders by destroying our genes, illegally causing non-Whites to migrate into our nation, and propagandizing and provoking us into a self destructive revolution and balkanization.

These are our blessings from the cursed jews! The jews are trying every means to kill us off, and we do nothing as a nation but deliberately aid the jews and empower the jews!

But there is not only hope, but certain victory if we fight back. If Americans gain political control of our own government, we can use the State to wage war on the jews who are waging war on us. We can again make America a White nation and we can use our nuclear arsenal to secure Europe and Australia as White Continents. We can join with Russia and the rest of Europe to ensure that our nuclear advantage remains and is not directed against our own blood but instead defends us and prevents all others from gaining an advantage against us.

The jews will never relent, never, not ever, never. Each day you waste not fighting back, the jews gain more power over you and poison your blood and your mind. You cannot insulate yourself from their attack. The jews are poisoning all of humanity and the environment. Even if you do what you can to protect your children, others are not. With whom will your descendants mate? If the jews succeed in destroying our genes, the damage will be irreparable and you cannot protect the race by simply protecting yourself and your children. The only solution is White State warfare back against the jews.