Sunday, February 03, 2013

Self-Defeating Taboos and the Jews: Lying and Lying Down By Omission


One of the methods the jews use to control public discourse and public opinion is they manufacture taboos which favor their interests while destroying traditional taboos which are beneficial to the Gentiles. Many have cited the examples prevalent on the internet, where pornography is not only permitted, it is encouraged, but it is illegal in many countries to point out, or even call into question, the jews' lies about the holocaust.

The jews feign outrage when any figure is compared to Hitler or any event compared to the trademarked "holocaust" of the jews. Yet they entusiastically ridicule Whites and whitewash the jews' Bolshevik slaughter. The jews relentlessly attack Catholics, Germans and WASPs with lies, but react with violence when the truth is told about the jews. Only jews have a blank check to criticize, because the jews control the media and have used pornographic holocaust propaganda to brainwash Americans.

Whites are now beginning to internalize these taboos. Germans are having fewer and fewer children, in part because the jews have so degraded them and made it taboo to recognize the greatness of the German People. For decades now, Whites were afraid to declare their pride in being White, but did not hesitate to insult themselves and their kind with self deprecating humor. Now Whites are afraid to defend their interests and their sovereignty, because they do not deem themselves worthy of a defense.

The White psyche ponders why it is that no one publicly takes pride in being White, why no one fights for Whites, while at the same time all ridicule Whites. The White mind wonders why no one confronts those who attack Whites, and why Whites fear confrontation to secure their interests. Public behavior becomes internalized as personal behavior and then self image. And the most primal attack of all is the attack on White territory and miscegenation, and these are highly destructive to the instincts of Whites to preserve themselves.

Growing up in Chicago, there were strong territorial taboos. Interracial couples were ridiculed, and Whites venturing into Black neighborhoods and Blacks traveling in White neighborhoods were keenly aware of the violent risks they took, especially at night.

Blacks mostly had the cops to fear, and Whites had the Blacks in general to fear. Then came the Mexicans.

The territorial taboos in non-White communities continue, but Whites surrender their territory to all on a neighborhood, city, county, State and National level. This is highly destructive to Whites' instincts of self identity and self preservation. Whites are corrupted at a most fundamental level to view themselves as defenseless, exposed and submissive, because they seemingly willingly and collectively abrogate their responsibility to defend their territory, their identity, their tribe. A beta mindset takes over and Whites refuse to do anything to defend themselves, let alone their kind.

The jews also attack the White herd instinct. A White crowd will not attack a Black, even if a White leader steps forward. But a Black or Mexican crowd will eagerly attack a White, whether or not a leader emerges in their ranks.

Whites are encouraged to engage in miscegenation. When Whites see mixed couples and children we are stressed and conditioned to view our genes as unworthy of success and continuation. We are effectively lashed by other master races to surrender our women as we have surrendered our territory and our tribal integrity and dignity is lost. This has powerful negative psychological and physiological effects. It is emasculating and drives us to subservience and away from our instincts to be confrontational and protective. The jews have effectively destroyed all of these fundamental biological functions of the White collective and the White individual.

I think that stupid taboos and Whites' willingness to obey them, and in so doing shackle their own minds and destroy the instincts of preservation of their own people. . . I have come to understand that the asinine taboos the jews have imposed on the Whites and the needed ones they have stripped from the Whites are the primary cause of my failure to inspire Whites to join me in going to war back against the jews who are deliberately genociding us. You are not only too scared to break the taboos, you have been physiologically and psychologically conditioned to be unable to break these taboos in your public actions and statements. You are slaves to the jews on such a subconscious and complete level that you are powerless, completely powerless to do anything to fight back. Your most primal instincts now direct you to attack those who defend you, and defend those who attack you.

I will have to give the solutions to this horrific dilemma much thought. We must obviously adopt as one measure the complete rejection of spoken and written taboos which prevent us from exposing and counter-attacking the jews. Organized uniforms and public marches would help. Flash mobs would help. Large gatherings of Whites without shame and with pride would help. But we need much more. We need manpower, media and money. How to get them among the self defeated is the key question I must answer, but I cannot allow it to become a taboo to publicly ponder these issues.