Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ten of the Many Dangers Christianity Poses to Whites


(1). Psychopaths, crypto-jews and money dominate the clergy and they are leading Whites towards extinction.

(2). Christianity is a jewish apocalyptic religion which encourages Christians to instigate an apocalyptic war to wipe out 2/3 of humankind while providing the murderous Christian psychopaths the false hope that they will be spared in heaven, if not on Earth. From the first, Christianity created the myth that the "end times" are near and therefore the survival of Whites is of secondary importance to instigating the apocalypse and destroying the World.

(3). Christianity creates the self-destructive illusion of superiority by means of subservience, of victory through martyrdom and defeat, ultimately life through death, not only of the individual, but also of the White race.

(4). Christianity is universalist and evangelical. It encourages Whites to create self-defeating empires and is destructive of nationalism. It has always generated fratricidal wars among Whites and has destroyed much of White culture and religion.

(5). Christianity idealizes the slave and demonizes the master making humans the supposed children of a jewish deity whom they must obey. Christianity makes the jewish god, and not nature, the source of fundamental law, creating the illusion of a higher court which will provide through providence the protection of those rights which must in fact be defended by man.

(6). Christianity generates a false sense of infallibility and security, rendering gross mistakes unimportant, failure meaningless, and the death of the race inconsequential.

(7). Christianity glorifies the genocidal jewish god and destroys the dignity of man as master of his own fate and his own soul.

(8). Christianity creates the fatal hubris and complacency of the illusion that supernatural forces punish evil and battle against it, and that they reward good and ensure its ultimate victory.

(9). Christianity destroys the reality of White genetics as the source of our being and replaces it with the jewish metaphysics of creation mythos and reincarnation, thereby placing the spirit outside of the flesh and rendering the preservation of the spirit through obedience to jewish myth and law as a priority over the preservation of the purity of the flesh and of children. It is the ultimate suicidal false pride of egoism over tribe, mythical afterlife over life and children, the selfish worship of personal consciousness over the preservation of blood and tribe.

(10). Christianity is demonstrably false and therefore to pretend that it is the highest truth destroys the rational well being of the White mind and opens the gates to the belief in any and all obvious falsehoods. It teaches injustice, the scapegoating of another for sins, and is internally inconsistent.