Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Alex Jones & Piers Morgan Side Show

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


The jews are attempting to foment a revolution in America. The parasitic jews always try to overthrow the nation or empire of their host. They did it to the Egyptians. They did it to the Greeks. They did it to the Romans. Etc.

As I predicted would happen, the gun control push was not meant to succeed. It was instead meant to foment a revolution and or civil war, and to arm Americans to kill each other off as a nation and as a people. As I predicted, Piers Morgan and the jewish controlled "alternative media" are being used to scapegoat the British for the jewish led campaign to infringe upon our fundamental rights to keep and bear arms. Watch the following video of Alex Jones ranting against Morgan, but failing to mention the jews:


As I have said before, the context is being manufactured that Americans somehow have a need for a second revolution against the British. In reality, the jews want to push Americans to destroy themselves and are driving American civilians to arm themselves as the jews arm the American Government with the intent of inflicting maximum casualties between these two forces, which instead should be working as one united force to solve the eternal international jewish problem.

It is not the British who are calling for gun regulation in America, it is a fifth column of jews in America who are calling for gun regulation. And it is the jewish controlled "alternative media" who are threatening revolution so as to plant the seed for a jewish revolution in America which will inevitably harm us more than the jewish revolution in Russia harmed the Russians.

See how you are being played, and how the jews who are instigating all of this are granted cover through the entire process?

Consider what I wrote almost three years ago, and how my predictions are coming true today:

"Government will have to play a large role in these reforms and new initiatives, and those who want to weaken our government and ask us to champion the policies of our own demise are merely latching on to immigration issues and gun rights, so that they can ultimately internationalize us by weakening our government, let our society go to pot, and allow international wealth to rule every facet of our lives for the purposes of exploitation rather than the improvement of the lot of the average American. The gold standard is meant to take away our sovereignty and render us slaves to international bankers who will then control our national money supply and create an international monetary system based on the fraud of gold in reserve, which they do not in fact possess."We Do Not Need or Want a Revolution: We Need a Defensive War Against the Enemy Usurpation of Our Nation by the Jews, May 26, 2010

Now ask yourselves, who is it that has always instigated revolutions? Who is it that has always sought to implement gold currencies? Who is it that created the American Civil War? Why are the same voices continually pushing the same agenda of gold and revolution?

Why are the British repeatedly scapegoated for the actions of jewry, and why is it OK to defame the British with lies, but strictly taboo to name the jew for his very real crimes?