Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Anti-Christ Beauty Contest

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

http://www.jewishracism.com [CENSORED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH]


The jews are on the verge of erecting their temple to their god and anointing their christ, the anti-Christ al-Dajjal. Islam has been thoroughly tamed. The Pope is stepping down. And now the jews must divert attention from the true evil king and scapegoat the Goyim for their sins.

For centuries now, the jews have paid for and produced literature meant to redirect attention from their prophecies and plans and focus it on the Goyim. The jews have carefully, and for hundreds of years, planted four genocidal seeds which they hope will today bear fruit.

The jews taught Roman Catholics that Protestants and the Caliphate are anti-Christ. The jews taught Protestants that Roman Catholics, the Czar and the Caliphate are anti-Christ. The jews taught Russian Orthodox that Protestants, Roman Catholics, and the Caliphate are anti-Christ. The jews taught Muslims that the leaders of Protestants, Roman Catholics and Russian Orthodox are Dajjal.

Is it merely a coincidence that we stand today on the precipice of the rise of the jewish temple, and at this very same time the Pope of the Roman Catholics steps aside to make way for a more charismatic figure or to send the Church into obsolescence, the Turkish Caliphate is reconstituting itself, Protestants are converting to Christian Zionism, and Russian Orthodoxy is reemerging? In each instance, we see that jews are directing these events. In each instance, we see a blurring of church and state, the clerical and profane, the double headed eagle of the centralized power of both civil and religious affairs.

I expect that the jews will agitate each of these forces against each other leaving the jews standing in Jerusalem bobbing their heads and sacrificing Goyim in their shiny new temple as the jews fill its foundations with all the world's gold and pit the Goyim against each other. Each of these religions is devoted to taking Jerusalem for itself and each has surrendered that duty to the jews through active subversion. Now, the jews will try to dupe these forces into annihilating one another, and the crypto-jews who serve as the religious leaders in each of these religious communities will preach that the anti-Christ al-Dajjal has arrived, and it ain't them!