Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Arab Spring, Pan-Turkey and the Union of the Mediterranean All to Invade White Europe


For many years, I have been warning that the jews will implode the Arab and other Muslim nations and create their "Union of the Mediterranean". Though the jews would have us believe that America and Europe are destroying African nations in hopes of again colonizing Africa, the exact opposite is true.

The jews are siccing the Americans and Europeans on Africa and the Middle East in order to force Africans and Middle Easterners to colonize Europe and America. The jews are first creating chaos in these African and Middle Eastern nations. After a sufficient period of suffering, the jews will propose that the only viable solution to the misery of the hypernationalism and civil and internecine wars the jews have imposed these countries is the proposed utopian peace of internationalism. The jews will drive the Muslims to clamor for internationalism as the only means to restore order and peace.

Turkey will lead the way as the jews' servant in Islam. Turkey will join the EU while opening its borders to all Muslim nations, thereby forming the mouth of the funnel into Europe. Greece will lead Europe into chaos, rendering it weak in the face of the coming invasion. Germany will welcome Turkey's entrance into the EU.

Meanwhile, North Africa and the Middle East, exhausted from civil and fraternal war, perpetual chaos and growing unemployment and famine, while cede its sovereignty to the long planned Union of the Mediterranean which will merge with the EU and Pan-Turkey to form the completion of the jewish dominated reestablished Turkish Empire. North Africans and Middle Easterners will be forced to migrate into Europe, not only colonizing it, but becoming the majority population together with an influx of Chinese, Pakistanis and Indians.

I have been warning about this for many, many years, and I am the only one doing so (the below links also contain links to my much earlier warnings):

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