Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Consciousness Fetish of Whites


Each of us begins life as the singular bonding of the genetic material of our mother and of our father into a new and unique grouping of chemicals that immediately replicate themselves into an ever more complex organism of structures. Eventually, in human life, a conscious brain develops that will ultimately seek out a mate with whom it will mix DNA and perpetuate the life form.

We Whites are each part of this interplay of our DNA bonding and combining over and over again to perpetuate itself. The DNA generates sexual organs, feeding organs, sensory organs, the brain, etc. all of which enable it to carry out the complex process of mating and living; but we should never forget that the DNA is more fundamental than consciousness, or body, and that the body is more fundamental than consciousness.

We modern Whites are burdened with a fetish of consciousness that defeats our more fundamental bodies and ultimately fundamental DNA. The mental guardian of our DNA, both on a personal, and on a tribal level, is failing us. It has become a "god spirit" that stands between our DNA and the survival of our DNA.

DNA manufactures a hierarchy of forms and functions which enable it to survive and create new life. Religion creates the myth that consciousness is independent of this hierarchy and is of an alien substance of spirit that comes not from DNA but from god[s]. The creation of a new spirit is not the meeting of the DNA of a man and woman, the fabric of the tribal DNA weaving itself into new beautiful forms through time in an unbroken chain, but rather the work of a "higher consciousness" that produces new "spirits" after its kind.

In this myth of religion, the DNA is the vessel containing the supernatural spirit, not the seed that if successful inevitably produces consciousness as a part of the process of creating more and unique DNA to add to the tapestry of the tribe and to keep it alive and prone to survive. This myth is contradicted by the complexity of our bodies and the way our bodies interact with each other and the environment. Our bodies communicate with (and outside of) our consciousness, but even this requires an enormously complex orchestra of interactions that have nothing to do with consciousness but instead more fundamentally produce conscious sensations and thoughts.

Religion places far too great an emphasis on consciousness and places not nearly enough import on our bodies, our environment, our enemies and competitors, and our DNA. The hierarchical level of consciousness is failing to protect the higher levels of children, tribe and environment, and the more basic levels of DNA and cellular function. Religion is a major obstacle in correcting this problem.

Religion allows stupid and/or ignorant people to feel comfortable with their stupidity, because it is an act of their obedience to their beliefs that they are stupid. They even take pride in it. Religion allows consciousness to permit the poisoning of our DNA in a million vicious ways.

But religion is hardly the only obstacle our DNA faces in its journey to survive. Modern man's consciousness seeks out addictive and destructive food and drugs that harm our DNA and which will soon render us sterile if we do nothing to protect ourselves. Our consciousness has produced radioactive substances and dispersed them into our environment. This consciousness which we worship as a god is becoming our undoing, primarily because we fail to understand its relationship to the hierarchy of human life.

As individuals, tribes, humanity and members of the life community, we ought to place less emphasis on our consciousness and cease to deify it. This religious worship of the mind as if a fragment of a god that will live after us destroys our ability to see each other in our fulness and to protect our lives individually and collectively, not only in this generation, but all future generations as well.