Friday, February 08, 2013

The Jews Want to Create Chaos in Iran in Preparation for War


Elections are coming up in June in Iran. Ahmadinejad is out, unless the jews launch a war, or create a civil war and/or revolution to keep him in power to serve as their Emmanuel Goldstein.

The elections in 2009 saw the gangrene revolution, and something worse is brewing today. I explained all this then:

Should the Instability in Iran Increase, the Israelis May Seize the Opportunity to Attack, June 15, 2009

Diffusing the Gang-Green (Gangrene) Revolution in Iran, June 16, 2009

As I warned yesterday, the jews are again trying to create chaos in Iran

Is a Civil War Brewing in Iran? February 07, 2013

Today, the government of Iran is calling attention to this reality:

Iran says new U.S. sanctions aimed at creating tension

Note that the jewish controlled media and the CIA, which is largely composed of assets of the jews, crypto-jews and jews, note that the American public is not being informed as to the candidates in the coming Presidential election in Iran, or their stance. Nor is talk of war against Iran being stalled in hopes that a new leader will emerge in Iran with whom Israel and its fifth column in the USA can and should negotiate before any talk of war.

This is both strange and telling. The CIA and Mossad should have their puppet candidate in the election and be funding him. They should be pushing him in the media as the salvation of Iran and the World. But they are not!

There are also very wealthy Iranians abroad who take a strong interest in Iranian politics, and they should have their puppet candidates. What is going on? Is another election fraud gangrene revolution brewing, or will they up the pace and destabilize and/or attack Iran before the elections? It is really very odd that they, the jews, are not offering any way out of war as a result of the coming elections. They should be pushing a candidate and a glimmer of hope for a change of leadership and policy in Iran. They should be pushing a candidate who challenges clerical rule, but thus far they are not.

That tends to indicate they want to concentrate their resources on war and internal strife in Iran, not on any means to achieve a negotiated resolution which will preserve Iran and the World from war and chaos.

The jews are heinous, murderous diseased rats. Their bloodlust will never be sated until they have genocided the whole of mankind. We have to stop them now. We do not have any more time. We must do it now! Will you help me?