Saturday, February 09, 2013

The White Superiority Inferiority Complex: Made in Jewry


From dominance, to noblesse oblige, to subservience; from territorial expansion, to territorial confusion, to territorial retreat: it has been the fate of Whites on a jewish leash to grow their empires and then be consumed by immigration and shame. In America, Whites conquered ever expanding territory and forced the indigenous peoples out from their lands. They moved Westward onto unfamiliar territory and were forced to retreat to reservations. Most died out.

Whites, seduced by jews, willfully and cruelly exploited Black slaves and then Mexican labor. These people formed segregated neighborhoods in close proximity to Whites. As the jews deliberately dumb down Whites, Asians are flooding in to fill the upper echelon jobs as Whites slide down the ladder into the same hell into which they had relegated others.

Upward mobility has taken on a new negative form. It is now immigration of non-Whites to take the jobs Whites should be doing.

Whites are caught in a jewish made vise between immigrants taking the low, middle and high end jobs. Whites are undereducated, forcing them out of the professions where jews discriminate against them. Whites are underpaid and forced to compete in low wage jobs with cheap foreign labor in our own land.

How did all this degradation come about? Why do we tolerate it?

The jews drummed into our heads that we are bad for being better. The only remedy for our inferior superiority is to destroy ourselves and give away what we have to our aggressive competitors. Then we will be nice slaves, deserving of our fate, which is extinction. The jews packaged this poison so sweetly that the entire White world is dying out by its own hands and attitudes, guided by head bobbing, psychopathic, supremacist, genocidal jews.

We now feel inferior if ever we still feel superior. We punish ourselves for our success. We hamstring our children so that their inferiors can compete with them and defeat them. It is the height of insanity.

The jews drive us down to ever lower standards, while giving away all we have that is good to our competition, and we smile as we hand it over so we can feel good for becoming inferior, and so become better slaves than our former slaves. The jews have broken the White spirit and have us licking the dust off the feet not only of the vampire jews, but also from the leprous toes of third world immigrants. And it is killing us!

We should be celebrating our greatness and reinforcing the walls that guard our gates. We should sing the glory of our ancestors and honor our descendants by honoring ourselves.

Someone has to be the best. It is good that it is us. We have to preserve our advantages. We have our own interests and these run counter to those of our competitors and enemies. Our job is to help each other first. We should never feel inferior for being superior. We should instead feel safer, more secure, not less secure, and never insecure for being great. The alternative to winning is losing, why should we want to lose?

Pity your own before you give away what is ours to others! But better than pity, pride, hand down our pride to our future generations. They are as innocent and pure as can be and we should be working to benefit them, not the children of our enemies and competitors.

Survival is not a sport! Survival is not a game! The losers of the competition for survival not only fail themselves, but they exterminate the limitless potential of their descendants. Whites, you are genociding billions of your offspring's offspring as you submit to the jews and kill off yourselves. You are making slaves of your children and their children as you accept the decrees of your enemies to submit and to feel inferior for being superior.

The goal of the survival competition is to outlive your enemies, not be subsumed or annihilated by them. You do not improve your likelihood of survival by strengthening your competitors and giving away all of your advantages.

These truths are so obvious and natural that the jews feel obliged to render it a crime for Whites to speak them, as the jews daily drum them into the heads of their children. Whites, we are better than the jews in every good sense and it only makes sense for us to defeat them. We have to fight back with all we have or we will very soon lose all, and lose it not only for our selfish selves, but the billions of us who will be lost from the future if we do not win the competition to survive.

Without our pride we have no will to survive only a wish to perish. The strongest justification we have for preserving ourselves is to relish the fact that we are the best and know that in preserving ourselves we preserve all that is good from all that is not.