Sunday, February 17, 2013

There Should Be an International Effort to Resolve Tensions Between India and Pakistan, and Between Shia and Sunni Muslims


The genocidal jews are trying to stir up a nuclear war between India and Pakistan. The jews also want to pit Shia and Sunni Muslims against one another. The Mossad is committing false flag terrorism to create and intensify conflicts amongst all these groups.

Politicians in India and Pakistan are exploiting and compounding antagonisms between Muslims and Hindus to increase their power and popularity. Religious leaders abandon their principles and cry out for human blood. The situation threatens to erupt into a nuclear war. Indians and Pakistanis have too much invested in destroying each other to arrive at an equitable and lasting solution on their own.

Indians and Pakistanis, Sunnis and Shia, need a forum to air their grievances and propose their solutions in a neutral and relatively calm environment. World peace depends upon the resolution of these growing conflicts and all of us have a vested interest in solving these problems. I propose a summit of religious and academic leaders be held on neutral ground at some university.

Students from around the world should gather together with academic and religious leaders and discuss the situation and propose equitable solutions. The governments have failed. The people ought to try their hand at maintaining the peace.

The jews will try to dominate and scuttle any such effort, and the wretched Mossad will try to false flag terrorize it. Perhaps an online event could open the door to more direct talks. We must insist that the governments of the world put an end to the jews' false flag terrorism. Israel has to be contained and constrained. In the meantime, men and women of good will must do what they can to create productive dialogue between Pakistanis, Hindus, Sunni and Shia. The fate of mankind depends upon our success.