Monday, February 18, 2013

White Continental Integrity: A POWER PARTY Proposal


I propose that Whites pursue a policy of White Continental Integrity, whereby the continents of North America, Europe, and Australia are declared to be White Territory. This should be done not to internationalize or federalize these regions, but rather to provide territory understood by all to be White Territory with a common defense and survival interest that focuses on preserving the genetics of White People. It will also provide leadership for the global interests of humanity in preserving peace and the living environment.

I further propose that Whites take an interest in acquiring the territories of Mexico and Central America for White Territory. Should Whites merely deport Mexicans and Latinos who have migrated onto American soil to Mexico, Mexico will enter into an even worse humanitarian disaster. I suggest that we instead send Mexicans and Central Americans to South America and work with those governments to create agricultural and infrastructure projects which will provide them with a reasonable standard of living, preserve the environment and provide healthy organic food for the World.

In addition, I propose that the full extent of Russia become a part of Europe and that we pursue a policy of making Kazakhstan Russian territory. Asia will become a sort of Subeurope.

We should create new maps which feature these changes and exhibit a golden border around White Territories. Whites should unite in common defense measures centering around the maintenance of our nuclear arsenals for the purposes of Mutually Assured Preservation and World peace. Whites should also create a new currency of trade called the American "Grainback" as a debt free currency (viz. the "Greenback") which is effectively "backed" by the grain exports it will facilitate. This will come to replace the petro dollar and will maintain its value through the necessity of its use as payment of debts to Whites and White Nations and as the instrument of trade in White goods and services, primarily in food, chemicals, raw materials and industrial goods.

Let me be clear that our only national loyalty is to America and that I do not want to tell Germans or Russians how to run their countries or lead their lives, nor do I want them governing the internal affairs of America. My goal is to preserve and homogenize, not internationalize or disperse, these populations and territories.

In the past, mountain ranges and other geographical features preserved and isolated peoples and cultures. Today, the continents can serve to preserve Whites.