Thursday, February 28, 2013

White Supremacists -v- jewish and Chinese Supremacists, Who Will Win?


The Chinese are absolute supremacists. They believe that they are genetically superior to the "barbarians" (all non-Chinese). The Chinese hold that China, meaning center, is the center of the universe. And the Chinese openly and unashamedly proclaim their "cultural supremacy". Even among the Chinese supremacists, the Cantonese are a genetic aristocracy.

The Chinese are ruthless and merciless. The jews created Communist China and Taiwan. Mao and Chiang Kai-shek were both jewish puppets. The jews used the Imperial Japanese to destroy Russia and to weaken China in preparation for a jewish Communist takeover. Zionist jews migrated to China as a stepping stone out of Europe and into Palestine. Jews have always considered themselves Asiatics, and not Europeans. Einstein stated that he was eagerly awaiting the genocide of the hated despicable Europeans and the rise of the glorious Chinese. The jew bolsheviks employed the merciless Chinese to slaughter the best of the Russians.

The jews created the Chinese nuclear program and have been giving it full and open support since the Clinton administration. I strongly opposed this policy in the mid 1990's and warned that Asian students in our universities were spies and that the Asians were conducting a massive espionage campaign against America and Europe. I was attacked with the same slanders and libels tossed at me today. I publicly warned that the Chinese would surpass us with our own money and enterprise, and I was scorned and laughed at. I pointed out that the Chinese were employing new industrial capital which would obsolete ours, just as the Japanese and Germans created new industrial capital after WW II destroyed their manufacturing capabilities, and that this state of the art manufacturing technology gave them an edge. History has proven me correct.

Can Whites defeat the jewish led Chinese supremacists by maintaining a jewish generated self defeating egalitarian code of "ethics"? One that is egalitarian in name only, but which hamstrings Whites while boosting all non-Whites? Can the living environment survive a World of Chinese supremacists exploiting every resource including humans, land, air and water, while recklessly polluting the entire Earth?

The Chinese believe that they are superior and their sense of superiority is incorporated into their language and is ingrained in their culture and historical objectives and national traditions. To compete with them and defeat them, we must become even more devoted supremacists. We must change this crap "anti-Zionist Movement" which is today nothing more than a jewish news service used to manipulate anti-jews into serving jewish objectives, into a real world political force.

Instead of merely linking to news stories depicting jewish power and hypocrisy, we must instead make gains and organize. Instead of greeting each day with an internet newspaper informing us that we are already defeated, we need to broadcast our successes and report on our growth. We need positive reinforcement to encourage us and grow our political power. We need enthusiasm and power and we can only increase these with a message that we are superior and that we deserve our power and need to increase it. Enough of the Christian hatred of life and our genes! We need to assert ourselves as the masters of our fate and the fate of our Earth.

The Chinese and their jewish advisors and supervisors are not superior to us, though their power is growing as we surrender ours. We control the food, the nuclear weapons and the money supply. They have labor and finance on their side, but we can easily convert this to our advantage. But we will not convince our White brothers and sisters to join us if we do not represent power and superiority. Whites pursue powerful leadership and will submit to Chinese if no opposition to the surrender arises. Merely asserting that we have equal rights to non-Whites will not help us to win, just as it has accomplished nothing for American Blacks but their decline. If Whites claim that all are equal, then Whites who function by this rule will be defeated by non-Whites who shun this mythology that runs counter to nature and experience.

The National Socialists of Germany could not have engineered the economic rise of Germany post-Weimar without repudiating their debts and declaring themselves superior to their enemies and competitors. Their spirit of production and brotherhood would not have risen to the level it did without their sense of purpose and superiority.

We can halt China's progress in its quiet war against us tomorrow by repudiating our national debts as a jewish subversion. We can collapse their markets by replacing Federal Reserve Notes with a new domestic issue of Greenbacks, and the creation of the Grainback for international trade. We have ways of fighting back and winning, but don't expect the jews who want to destroy America to do it for you.

Instead of reading news stories of how the World is going to hell through the links of your favorite jewish "anti-Zionist" website, would you not rather greet the day learning of POWER PARTY candidates, meetings and marches? Look at how Golden Dawn sparks the imagination and is so infinitely more encouraging than a link to some article in Haaretz or the Washington Post. Now imagine how much better our lives would be and how much more progress we would make if we had a political power movement to participate and rejoice in?

The recipe requires three ingredients: manpower, media and money. The one thing we no longer have is time.

Fascism, Socialism and a derogatory tone towards America and the Founding Fathers are counter-productive and do not inspire Americans to become American Supremacists, but rather farcical cartoon wannabes. Our national heritage is great and positive and has always been supremacist. We need to return to our roots to motivate our people to inherit their greatness and superiority, lest we mock ourselves with the greatness of others unlike us in their history and national character and by doing so defeat ourselves.

We can only defeat jewish supremacism and Chinese supremacism by competing on that level of shameless superiority with White Supremacism.