Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whites' Will to Power Is Being Misdirected and Destroyed. Though non-Whites do, Whites do NOT Breed Well in Captivity.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

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Whites are highly susceptible to the jews' attack on our Will to Power. They want to misdirect it into a will to egalitarianism and then a will to subservience. Freud and Adler played a role in the destruction of the healthy White psyche.

In pondering the causes of my failure to inspire Whites to act politically to counter-attack the jews, I am led to the theories of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche regarding the will to bear and exercise power. It appears to me that the jews have schooled Whites of various personality types to view power in various ways. Those of us prone to the use of force are taught to view power as if short bursts of violent individual heroic action. These types come to believe that power exists in violent dominance over a small group for a short period of time. The jews use this type of individual to commit warfare against Whites by providing jews with "the propaganda of the deed", chiefly murders which provide a pretext for governmental oppression and repression, which then create social upheaval and inspire a revolution, which are the jews' goals.

Whites are not unique in their vulnerability of the jews' manipulation of this violent instinct. Whites, however, appear to be especially vulnerable to the abuse of their instincts to comply with the herd and their philanthropic instincts. The jews have misdirected and thereby destroyed Whites' will to power by turning it into a will to comply and to sacrifice for others who are not White. Whites have been taught that their needs are better met through subservience than resistence and self assertion. In this way, Whites have lost their dignity which is the key to their will to survive.

In order to compete and dominate, Whites must believe that they are better, lest Whites' efforts to compete instead become an attempt to empower our competitors to our detriment. If we hold that we are mere equals to our competitors and enemies, then we set about to defeat ourselves so that others come to a position where they can easily surpass us.

Survival is not game of moral fairness. We are competing against others who have an uncorrupted will to power and who will dominate us and exercise their superiority over us to our detriment if we allow it to exist and become inferior. The first step to becoming inferior is becoming equal, surrendering our superiority and advantages. The direction which points us from superiority to equality points sharply downward, and once we begin the descent as a mental process whereby we subvert our will to power, the end result is inevitably our slavery followed by our extinction.

We have to motivate our People to fight, to seize hold of the power that is already ours. To do this, we must convince them that we are worth fighting for and that we will win. Our goal as Whites is not to defeat ourselves for the benefit of others, but to increase our power and advantages to ensure our survival and competitive advantages. If we wish to win this war for survival, we must not detune or abandon our weapons to a lower level to be fair to our enemies. That is not an expression of power, it is an act of submission, the actions of a willing slave. One of our most important weapons in the struggle to survive is our sense of need and justice to seize power. To have power is to be superior in this fight and we must not mock our own superiority nor should we shun it. We should embrace and glorify it so that our People assert themselves and their will to power that generates the will to survive.

To have a will to power and a will to survive, the White needs to feel superior. The White mind requires a sense of justice to act. The White only determines that it is just for him to survive and thrive and to maintain power when he views himself as superior. Superiority is often expressed as if the moral high ground to Whites. This frequently takes the form of religious conviction. The jews have a tremendous advantage over modern Whites in that they have both a religious and a racial conviction that they are superior. This enables a minuscule minority to rule the World and destroy it. But the jews' beliefs and evidently their natures as well are fundamentally parasitic and destructive.

Think of what Whites can accomplish if we come to view ourselves as superior, worthy of survival and power? Our instincts are philanthropic and if properly directed to fulfill our will to power and to survive will enable us to thrive.

It is good that we call ourselves White. White connotes beauty, purity and peace. We should not surrender this advantage because it offends non-Whites that we have any advantage. Our interests are different from and often conflicting with theirs. Our first duty is to ourselves, not them.

The fact that one thing is better than another does not mean that the other is necessarily bad. I hold that strawberries taste better than blackberries, but I would not want a world without blackberries. I don't hate blackberries, I just think strawberries are better and plant them in my garden. If I held that all plants are equal, I would starve or poison myself. We have the power of discernment and should reject abstractions which destroy our will to power and our will to survive, while embracing abstractions which empower us and facilitate our survival.

I think we can motivate a hundred million Whites to march in the streets if we teach them a sense of superiority that justifies their fight to take power and to survive. I don't see how we can motivate them to take power by teaching them that they have no right to fight for their power. Even the communist jews are forced to motivate Whites by giving them a sense of intellectual and moral superiority. They also make an enemy of the "Bourgeoisie" which preserves the social order. The deceitful libertarian jews likewise create a supremacist psychology which deceitfully pretends to be pro-White, but is internationalist and jewish. They too pretend to be morally superior and make an enemy of the shadowy "collective", which they conveniently define in ways that subvert Whites and empower jews.

We have to motivate our People to face and fight our enemy. How can we do it without generating a will to power and a will to survive? How can the White mind be coaxed to act on its own behalf without a sense that it is somehow superior and in need of justified supremacy? The White becomes impotent and submissive when directed to believe that his sense of justice and ability to provide for his living needs are met by compliance with anti-Whites agendas. We have to provide an alternative perspective which sparks the imagination of Whites and inspires Whites' will to power and will to survive in self beneficial ways. If we provide Whites with a healthy self image of just action based on a sense of superiority which will fulfill our needs, then we can motivate Whites to unchain themselves from the jewish tyrunts.

We should mock the slavishness of Whites in airports submitting to Blacks who search us, order us about, and degrade us in our own country. And we should juxtapose it to the slavishness of the jewish controlled Congress demanding that our enemy Hagel grovel before the jews. We should point to the fact that a White places his life in danger when venturing into Black or Mexican territory in the USA and the injustice of this intolerable humiliation.

We have to show our People the interconnectedness of all these degradations and how we are being conditioned to become slavish and self defeating in our self image. We must break Whites' sense that it is better for others to rule us and that it is just that we be slaves to others. We can only do that if we unashamedly assert our superiority, and it is the height of morality for us to do so. The White being is not wired to function in any other way. That is why our populations are declining. We do not breed well in captivity.