Monday, February 18, 2013

Why Say "WHITE"?


The POWER PARTY advocates the use of the term "White" generally over the terms "European" and "Caucasian". The reasons for this are many, but a few examples will serve to explain the superiority of the term "White" for political purposes.

We do not have dual national or continental loyalties. Americans only national and continental loyalty is to the USA and the North American Continent. We do not want to be confused with jews whose first loyalty is to Greater Israel, and who seek to govern our affairs for the benefit not of Americans, but jews.

When America is again made almost wholly White, we will have a White Continent of North America. Europe is not the only White Continent and we do not want to confuse White blood with European soil exclusively. North America and Australia are also White Continents and when discussing White existence and White interests, we should recognize this fact. White is a bloodline and our territory is expansive. Blood and soil is not merely White Europe, but also White North America and White Australia, and very much White Regions of Asia, which I propose we make a part of Europe.

Classifying us as "Caucasians" in political discussions is a bit like calling jews "Ashkenazi Khazars", in that it redirects our physical reality into abstract categorical imperatives which invite sophomoric quibbles and the parsing of terms in endless and pointless squabbles which divide us rather than unite us. It takes away the dignity of our real existence and makes us a term of art and science rather than a real family who can embrace each other in the real world.