Friday, February 15, 2013

Why Should Whites Tremble at the Thought of Being Labeled "Supremacist"?


Judaism, Christianity and Islam are each supremacist belief systems. The ideology of "democracy" is a supremacist one in the hands of jewish puppet governments which demand that the whole of humanity conform to it. "Feminism" is a supremacist belief system which compels males to surrender the advantages nature has afforded them. Any belief system which unnaturally tries to "level the playing field" is a supremacist system imposed by the weak on the strong against the laws of nature.

Nature offers a superior system of supremacy to these unnatural religious and political perversions of nature, which depend upon abstractions to undermine nature. Whites must be unfettered from their sense of guilt and return to what is natural, for that alone provides our means of survival.

But who is "better" and "superior"? A mentally sound Black man believes that it is better for him to be Black than White. To him Black is better than White and Black is superior to White. There is no requisite condition that mandates that every human group have the same definition and understanding of what is better and superior.

A mentally sound White man believes that it is better for him to be White than Black. Just as his genetic makeup is different from the Black, so too is his definition and understanding of what is best for him and what is superior for him. A White man would not use the genetic code of a Black man to define his genes and must not define his perspective of his self image and self interests by pretending to be Black.

One of the reasons for the relative lack of success of Blacks in America is that well meaning Whites generally try to convince Blacks that it would be better for them if they thought and acted like Whites. Blacks have no need nor desire to become mental and behavioral clones of Whites. They do not become better or superior by abandoning their nature, nor do Whites.

Just as Whites have different genetics from Blacks, Browns, Yellows and Reds, so too do Whites have different self interests. Whites must choose that which is better for them and enforce their decisions.

Healthy Whites know that they are better, because they would not choose to be anything else. The same is true of healthy Blacks, Browns, Yellows and Reds.

To survive, Whites must return to the laws of nature that gave them life. Whites must not relinquish their belief that they are best and superior. It motivates us to survive, to defend each other and our territory. How long would supremacist Christianity survive, if it held that every other religion is equally as good and that the church must give equal time to all other beliefs and they must be honored and those with greater numbers must be given more time in the church.

We are born White but we are not born Christians. How much more important is it for us to defend our blood and our territory than foreign abstract belief systems? We will not defend ourselves if we do not feel a sense of ownership, pride and right. Communism taught us that. If we universalize our blood and territory and surrender our rights of ownership, we will not preserve ourselves, just as under Communism Whites allowed property to deteriorate.

We must, if we are sane and rational, define ourselves by our existence and define what is better and superior by ourselves, lest we substitute ourselves out of existence. In our territories we must be supreme, lest others take from us that which we have ceased to defend as ours. These things are so basic to our nature that is amazing to me that any of us should cower from asserting our rights and our natures.

To be a better man is to exist with a consciousness that seeks to procreate and thereby continue to exist. To exist we need territory and mates. If we give away territory and mate with those unlike us, then we are not made better or equal, we are instead exterminated and erased from nature.

We have to think in ways which perpetuate our survival. We must know that we are better and are supreme in our lands. We must feel a sense of duty and beauty in preserving ourselves because we are better. It is not wrong to motivate ourselves to survive, to achieve and to surpass our competitors. Every successful belief system and institution does so, and it is infinitely more important for us to preserve our genes and defend ourselves from the self-destructive immorality of egalitarianism that kills us off.