Friday, March 08, 2013

Beware the Hagelerites


Can you imagine a world where the nation of Israel is the only nuclear armed country? "Global Zero" Chuck Hagel and the jews can.

Expect the jewish "alternative media" to launch a major anti-nuke campaign in the immediate future. Expect them to blur the lines between nuclear power and America's nuclear weapons. Expect them to downplay, or completely ignore the fact that Israel is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The goal is to gain your support for eliminating the nuclear arsenal of the USA and to covertly transfer these arms and the nuclear materials they contain to Israel and China. Plutonium is hard to come by, and the jews want all the precious metals in Israel, gold, silver, uranium and plutonium. The jewish god tells the jews to horde these precious substances, and horde them the jews do.

Do NOT misunderstand me. I am opposed to nuclear power plants and would shut them all down if I had the power to do so. If Whites faced no enemies, I would also eliminate nuclear weapons.

But we should not confuse the nuclear weapons in White hands with nuclear power plants or the future production of nuclear materials. We have enough plutonium to ensure that the anti-Whites will let us alone, and I see no reason to produce more of the poison. But I am strongly opposed to disarming Whites!

Hagel and the Hagelerite jews want to disarm us and they will use every dirty trick and slight of hand misdirection to cajole you into clamoring for White nuclear disarmament.

Nuclear bombs and nuclear power plants are not one and the same threat. We can only defend ourselves from nuclear bombs with nuclear bombs. Nuclear power plants are potential and active dirty bombs on our soil. Do not let the jews confuse the issue.

We have a tremendous advantage over anti-Whites with our nuclear arsenal and if we join with White Russians, as opposed to former KGB NKVD Cheka crypto-jewish Russians, to aim our weapons at the real enemy, the jews and their chosen allies, we can use them to free Whites from jews and crush the jews. I implore you to spread the word that the jews are about to launch a massive campaign to disarm Whites of their nuclear arsenal.

If Whites disarm, then only the Chinese and the jews will have nuclear weapons in substantial numbers, and they will steal our nuclear materials to arm themselves. They will not be so hesistant to use these weapons as we have been, and their most hated target is the White, round eyed European wherever he exists on planet Earth.

By all means, oppose nuclear power plants. But do not disarm us, lest the jews gain a nuclear advantage over the White race and promptly and completely genocide us.