Friday, March 08, 2013

If the Jews Wanted to Take You Alive, They Wouldn't Be Killing You


Many people mistakenly believe that the jews want to enslave Whites. I think the situation is far worse than that.

The jews fear that Whites are the most capable of human beings to defeat the jews' objective of World domination and destruction. The Romans and the Greeks defiled the jews' temple and so showed that they were capable of defeating the jews' god.

The jews love three buzzwords, "anti-Semite", "counter-revolutionary" and "reactionary". These three terms really all mean the same thing to a jew: any person or race which refuses to become the unconditional slave or slaves of the jews and dutifully submit to total subjugation and eventual genocide at the hands of the jews.

The jews have learned through history that Whites pose the greatest danger to their plans. The classical jewish response to any person or people which refuses to unconditionally submit to jewish aggression is complete genocide. The jewish Old Testament calls any such person or people "Amalek" and "Amalekites" and instructs the jews to genocide all such human beings in every generation.

One of the more recent and well known jewish pleas to genocide Whites came in Karl Marx's organ Neue Rheinische Zeitung and was issued by his cohort Freidrich Engels:

"Diese Reste einer von dem Gang der Geschichte, wie Hegel sagt, unbarmherzig zertretenen Nation, diese Völkerabfälle werden jedesmal und bleiben bis zu ihrer gänzlichen Vertilgung oder Entnationalisierung die fanatischen Träger der Kontrerevolution, wie ihre ganze Existenz überhaupt schon ein Protest gegen eine große geschichtliche Revolution ist. [***] Der allgemeine Krieg, der dann ausbricht, wird diesen slawischen Sonderbund zersprengen und alle diese kleinen stierköpfigen Nationen bis auf ihren Namen vernichten. Der nächste Weltkrieg wird nicht nur reaktionäre Klassen und Dynastien, er wird auch ganze reaktionäre Völker vom Erdboden verschwinden machen. Und das ist auch ein Fortschritt."--Friedrich Engels, "Der magyarische Kampf", Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Number 194, (13 January 1849).

"These remnants of a nation mercilessly crushed in the course of history, as Hegel says, this national garbage will always be, and will remain until their complete extirpation or denationalization, the fanatical bearers of the counter-revolution, just as their whole existence in general is a protest against a great historical revolution. [***] The general war which will then break out will shatter these Slavic special federations and exterminate all these little bull-headed nations right down to their names. The next world war will not only eliminate reactionary classes and dynasties, it will also erase entire reactionary peoples from the face of the earth. And that constitutes an improvement."

Engels made these racist supremacist genocidal declarations in 1849 immediately after the failed revolutionary takeover of Europe the jews perpetrated in 1848. Marx and Engels also derided Democracy and political freedom and promised that following a revolution, a genocidal dictator must seize the reins of power. Much that we hear in the "alternative media" attacking our country, ridiculing Democracy and crying out for revolution, could easily have come straight from the mouth of Marx.

The jews already have their preferred slave race tightly in their grasp in communist China. The jews are busy destroying the Japanese and Koreans so as to grant China complete hegemony over oriental Asia. The jews have stolen the economy of Whites and have given it to the Chinese. Whites are "reactionaries" who want to preserve their race, their territories and their nations, and so the jews are busy killing us off.

Whites are not welcome or wanted in the Jew World Order. The jews are poisoning our genes, our lands, our air and our water. They are reversing our progress and perverting our societies. The jews place us in perpetual war and have subverted all of our economies. The jews have us targeting each other with genocidal nuclear weapons. It is painfully obvious that the jews are deliberately killing us. Such being the case, it is just as obvious that the jews do not want us around in the future, not one of us.

I have been explaining all this to you for years so that you come to appreciate the gravity of the situation, the grave nature of the attack, the burial of the entire White race about to happen if Whites do not fight back. Just because it is the jews who are ultimately responsible for pitting the Chinese and others against us and our allies, does not mean that these mortal foes are instead our friends. We must defend ourselves not only against the jews but also against the Chinese and all others, including the Blacks of South Africa, and the Blacks of the South Side of Chicago, who are at war against us.

If it is not safe for a White person to travel in a Black or Latino neighborhood in the inner city of any large city in America this very day and for the last century, how can anyone doubt that these people will genocide us when they gain the ability to do so? Just because it is the jews who are pitting these people against us, makes them no less a threat, nor our defensive actions any less just. And let this serve as warning of what is to come from all those whom the jews have had us attack.

My White brothers and sisters, we live in a very dangerous world at a very dangerous time. The jews' egalitarian and multicultural BS is not going to stop the nuclear bombs and spinning bullets they are about to send our way. We have to toughen up after decades of fattening up. We have to fight not merely for our freedom, but for our continued existence. Don't think that anti-White supremacists like the Chinese will be so generous as Whites have been to those whom we have subjugated since WW II. The Chinese view themselves very much the way the jews view themselves and are just as merciless when committing genocide especially against Whites. The Chinese are Marxists and we are the reactionaries and counter-revolutionary race they believe they are justified and duty bound to exterminate.

The threats the North Koreans are making against us hail from China and from there, from Israel and jewry. These threats not only pose the danger that South Korea will be attacked with a massive conventional and possibly even a relatively small nuclear attack, but the even worse and more likely scenario that China, Israel or the USA will toss a nuke or two over Japan or South Korea and scapegoat the North Koreans, whose media outlets and channels of communication will be immediately cut off from the World.

The jews are making China the new America, as I have been saying for decades. They are using North Korea to hurt South Korea and Japan, and to a lesser extent to push Taiwan towards the mainland. This is going to harm us very badly if we do nothing to protect our interests.