Thursday, March 07, 2013

Israel First Traitor Chuck Hagel Brown Noses the Israelis, Promises Unabated Military Aid to Israel Amid Economic Collapse in the USA


Hagel embraced Israel's Barak and reassured him that the US Government would continue giving Israel military aid despite the budget crisis. Hagel has also pledged his absolute support to Israel:

Chuck Hagel reassures Israel on military aid

Far worse than this, is the fact that "global zero" Chuck Hagel plans to give Israel and China our nuclear weapons and plutonium. I alone warned you about Hagel, while the jewish "alternative media" told you to provide Hagel with strong support because he would supposedly save America from Israel.

If Americans allow Hagel and Obama to steal our nuclear weapons and give them to Israel, then Israel will have the military might to destroy the World. There is no greater threat to humanity than this imminent danger that the traitors Hagel and Obama will give the Israelis the military aid they truly desire, our nuclear arsenal. It is about to happen and I can not prevent this by myself. Rest assured that the same "alternative media" which tried to convince you that Hagel is our best and only hope, will do all they can to help him steal our weapons and give them to Israel.

This is one of the reasons why they are focusing on Fukushima without addressing the Israeli connections to the disaster. They want the anti-zionist libertarian hippies to rally round Hagel and Obama and call for the dismantling of our nuclear forces, so that the jews can steal these weapons and nuclear materials, making Israel the predominant military force on Earth and destroying America's ability to defend itself.

I am the only voice informing the World of this danger and I need your help to spread the message. We need a website devoted to exposing Hagel and Obama's campaign to steal our weapons and give them to the jews. Israel's nuclear program was built on stolen nuclear materials. The jews gave our nuclear secrets to the Soviets, Communist Chinese, South Africans, Pakistanis, Indians and North Koreans.

The jews are also building up the other weapons they will use against us after they hit us with our own nuclear weapons. This is the ultimate purpose of the drone program and the Department of Homeland Security. I alone warned you about Hagel and I am warning you about this threat. Please help me warn others!