Friday, March 01, 2013

Million American March Against Chinese Communists


The Chinese and other Asians are beginning to invade America. The invasion is progressing much as did the Mexican invasion, first a few shops here and there, then neighborhoods, then adjoining neighborhoods, etc.

I think the POWER PARTY has an issue which will resonate with Americans. Why did we let the Chinese steal our economy and why are we letting them in our country to steal it? Why are our politicians silent on China and their nuclear weapons and growing military, but blowhards on Iran and Islam?

I think if we hit this issue hard we can use it to attack both the Democrats and the Republicans and use the issue as a gateway issue to the jewish problem and the general corruption of our wealthy class and government to serve the communist jews. We ought to start using the term "communist" jews more often than "zionist" jews.

We should inform Americans that the jewish communist agenda rules China and the jews are imposing bolshevik laws on Whites around the World to silence and genocide us. I think calling the jews communists and linking them to their attack on America, Europe and Australia will better serve us than forever harping on Israel and the Palestinians. I am not suggesting in any way that we stop criticizing the Zionists and by name, nor that we take any focus off Israel. But rather that we make an even greater effort today than we have heretofore and do so by tying the jews to their communist subversion of our nations and our rights by internationalizing us and criminalizing free speech, violating our privacy, restricting our travel, etc. These are all obvious communist attacks on our peoples and the fact that China is the largest nation to ever have existed and is communist must serve as a warning to all that the communists are taking over the World.

If we can get some media behind us we should call for a million American march against the Chinese and their theft of our economy, our government, and increasingly our nation itself. It is a short step from there to linking the Chinese communists to the jews who created them. We must also focus attention on how our largest corporations and government sold us out to the communists and have run our press and our government throughout this and the last century.