Monday, March 11, 2013

One of the Chief Reasons National Socialism Failed


German National Socialism was a complete failure. This in spite of the fact that so much of National Socialism was positive. In addition to Hitler's subversions of his own stated aims, I suspect one of the chief reasons for the dramatic failure of National Socialism is that it was more deeply rooted in Roman and jewish culture, than in German culture.

The National Socialists did not remove the jewish corruption of German culture that is Christianity. They did not learn the lesson of Rome, but instead copied Rome and suffered its inevitable fate.

The National Socialists adopted jewish messianic dogmatism. The Reich was to last a thousand years in a utopic messianic age begun by an absolute dictator with divine vision. All of which is very jewish.

National Socialist culture, art, architecture and administration was very Roman and unlike German. National Socialist empire mirrored the worst of Rome and depleted the Germans in a very short time.

There is much that we can learn from National Socialism, but there is also much we should reject, including National Socialism's rejection of German culture in the name of rescuing German culture. We should be careful not to be seduced into abandoning our nation and our culture. We should not poison our body simply to make it inhospitable to jews. Instead we should invigorate it so that it can shake off the infection.