Friday, March 01, 2013

POWER PARTY First Steps to Exposure


I have a few ideas of things we could do quickly, easily and inexpensively to gain exposure for our Party. People are frustrated and feel they don't have any choices which represent their best interests in the elections. We need to show that we represent the moral high ground, and we need to define morality and contrast it to the immoral attacks and threats we face.

So small a group as four or five of us could easily hold a brief demonstration, or form a flash mob, that we could video and place up on the internet. We could protest in front of the Israeli Embassy or a Consulate and instead of doing a pro-Palestinian or 9/11 protest, demand Israel open up its nuclear program to IAEA inspection. We have to do something to stop the march towards an Israeli attack on Iran and this would give us the moral high ground and take it from the jews. Alternatively, or in addition, we could hold protests in front of the major news networks demanding that they give equal time to Israel's and China's nuclear weapons programs, as they do to Iran's peaceful nuclear program. We could do something similar at the offices of members of Congress. We should also protest the mistreatment of Christians in Israel, something new and newsworthy that places the jews on the defensive in ways they don't expect.

We could hold a protest in front of the South African Embassy and call for an end to White genocide in South Africa. Let our White brothers and sisters know that there is hope and that we will come to their aid with the force of our military as soon as we gain the power of the State in the United States, and that there will be a day of reckoning for those who murder Whites.

We could hold rallies in front of the Canadian, Australian, British, French, German, Austrian, etc. embassies demanding that free speech rights be honored in these nations, and stating that when we come to power we will place the American military in the service of freedom and liberation in Europe. It will be our goal to restore the image America as a force for freedom and liberation from Bolshevik tyranny both internally and abroad.

Hungarians, Ukrainians, Poles, Lithuanians, etc. waited in vain the entire Cold War for Americans to rescue them as they claimed to be fighting Communism. We should not repeat the national mistakes we have made at the hands of the jews. This will free Whites and it will restore the good will Europeans used to have for Americans.

We can protest at the Chinese Embassy and Consulates and demand that they stop stealing our jobs, stop spying on us and corrupting our government. We should do new, unexpected things that people will find interesting, thought provoking and things they want to support.

Brendon O'Connell provided an example of how easily and effectively such things can be done. What say we give it a try?

I am guessing that many people will appreciate such real world action and will want to find out more about it and participate in it themselves. There is a tremendous amount of pent up frustration out there and if we can become an outlet for expression and solutions, then we will gain support rapidly.