Sunday, March 24, 2013

RE: "Hitler's Kosher Diet"


I have been asked for a verifiable source for my assertion that Hitler loved to eat pigeon (aka "squab") but was otherwise a vegetarian. The following quotation should prove helpful in answering this question:

"I learned this recipe when I worked as a chef before World War II, in one of the large hotels in Hamburg, Germany. I do not mean to spoil your appetite for stuffed squab, but you might be interested to know that it was a great favorite with Mr. Hitler, who dined at the hotel often. Let us not hold that against a fine recipe though."--Dione Lucas, Gourmet Cooking School Cookbook, Bonanza Books, New York, (1982), p. 89

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While I am on this subject, does anyone know of any online copies of the newspapers Völkischer Beobachter and Der Angriff? I have a strong recollection that one of these papers had a large article about Moses Pinkeles, aka Ignatius Trebitsch-Lincoln upon his death. I seem to recall that the article expressed gratitude to Pinkeles for purchasing the Völkischer Beobachter and working with the SS towards a project to sway Buddhists towards National Socialism.

A source, one who would surely have known, for Hitler's jewish financial backers was Samuel Untermyer, who stated in a speech printed in the New York Times:

"Revolting as it is, it would be an interesting study in psychology to analyze the motives, other than fear and cowardice, that have prompted Jewish bankers to lend money to Germany as they are now doing. It is in part their money that is being used by the Hitler regime in its reckless, wicked campaign of propaganda to make the world anti-Semitic; with that money they have invaded Great Britain, the United States and other countries where they have established newspapers, subsidized agents and otherwise are spending untold millions in spreading their infamous creed. The suggestion that they use that money toward paying the honest debts they have repudiated is answered only by contemptuous sneers and silence. Meantime the infamous campaign goes on unabated with ever increasing intensity to the everlasting disgrace of the Jewish bankers who are helping to finance it and of the weaklings who are doing nothing effective to check it."—Samuel Untermyer as quoted in: "Text of Untermyer's Address", The New York Times, (7 August 1933), p. 4.

The provenance and authenticity of the following book is disputed, but it is well known and has been for a very long time:

Hitler's Secret Backers (Sidney Warburg)

There are scores of other sources tying Hitler to the jew bankers, zionists and bolsheviks. I have already been through this at length and have no interest in rehashing what has already been discussed, but am always open to any exposure of new facts, including this:

Hitler 'had Jewish and African roots', DNA tests show