Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Friendly Advice from an American to the Russians Regarding the Jews


The jews have taken over most Christian churches in America. For centuries, the jews have been teaching Western Christians and especially American Christians that the Czars, the Soviet General Secretaries of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and now the Presidents of Russia are the "anti-Christ". The jews have consistently concealed the fact that Russia and USA are traditional allies and that the Cold War was the product of jewish minds and jewish machinations.

I have many times heard and read jews calling for a nuclear war against Russia and promising Christians that they will be spared the horrors of this attack by being "raptured" into heaven. The jews in America regularly defame Russians in media and politics, and consistently attempt to provoke war against Russia.

The jews have manufactured and financed all of Russia's wars with Turkey and Japan. The jews created the bolshevik revolution and mass murdered tens of millions of the best Russians and tens of millions more of the best Slavs in Poland, the Ukraine, etc.

The jews are currently trying to provoke a war between Turkey and Russia and imploded Cyprus for the purpose, promising to reward the Turks for helping the jews to destroy Syria. The jews are destabilizing the Korean peninsula right at your doorstep and are threatening nuclear war through their proxy regimes in China and North Korea.

I have yet to see any Russian treat these existential threats with the seriousness and attention they require. I urge you to demand that American Christians and jews cease provoking nuclear war against Russia. I caution you that the Turks are working with the jews to provoke you into another pointless war. And I warn you that the jews intend to help the Chinese attack you as they have attacked America.