Friday, March 01, 2013

The Ice Is Breaking!


Heartfelt thanks to my friends old and new who have offered up creative ways to progress to the next level! Please allow my a little bit of time to digest these ideas and offers and come up with a plan to implement them.

My first concern is to organize these initial efforts in a smart way that makes those who join us more powerful and secure. We should become wealthier and stronger in our general community as we become wealthier and stronger in our political community. I will not disappoint those who have trusted in me, and now that things are moving I want to proceed in a way that will help these individuals.

So how do we broadcast our message to the general public? Duke is taking a soft and romanticized pseudo-egalitarian approach. The libertarians have gone quasi-patriotic and semi-grunge. The Fascists and National Socialists are demeaning our historic nationalistic roots and trying to supplant them with NSDAP style agitprop and political programs. The Catholics want to become Amish. MacDonald is somewhat retreatist and ivory towerish and fails to grasp the intentions and economic power of the jews and how it functions.

Farmers are very important to our Party, and our nation. They are currently producing dangerous food, but are generally fairing pretty well financially compared to other sectors of our economy. They are White, religious and stubborn in their beliefs. They are also traditionally populists. I think we can reach them with traditional American populist propaganda and I think we should try. They could become an important base of support in many ways. We might be able to create labor opportunities for White Americans who believe as we do, and we can have our people work on farms and spread our message to farmers. We need healthy food, to deport the illegals, etc. and farmers seem to me to be an obvious group who would benefit us and would benefit from us.

Suburbanites are also a community we should try to reach. They have been hit hard by Obama. They are the product of White flight and now have nowhere to run. House prices are way down. Their children are graduating into a work force with fewer opportunities and lower wages. We can reach them a message of how White flight occurred, the result for our cities and our economy, and how the immigration situation is robbing whole States from our nation. All the traditional political issues of education, crime, taxes, etc. are issues we should own and will help win suburbanites to our cause. I think we should focus on these meat and potato issues with White suburbanites.

Urban Whites are just plain generally nervous about the stability of our system, and we should emphasize our ability to protect them, especially women and children in our big cities. We should emphasize their inherent right to self segregate and the violent discrimination they face in non-White neighborhoods, government jobs and in colleges and universities.

Our first big plunge should be done in a carefully planned way, and I want bigger numbers, more media and money, and absolute anonymity for those who need it, before I recommend we openly act. Thank you, you have given me back my energy to fight and I will not let you down!